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  • A little hidden humor?

    I just received a Watch Time email and one thing it mentioned was their reference page. Just for fun (and a refresher course since I can butcher just about any name--even those I theoretically know how to pronounce), I clicked on the pronunciation guide.

    I was a little confused by Jaeger-LeCoultre since I have always heard YEA-ger leh KOOL truh and not zhey ZHER leh KOOLT. Then again, my French is a muddled mess at the best of times.

    The biggest kick I got, however, was Hublot, which I will now always think of as "u BLOW". Not very subtle, eh?

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    I have always been amused by the various pronunciations (and spellings) I've encountered of Ulysse Nardin.

    Funny thing...even though many watch brands are from French Switzerland, they do not always adhere scrictly to textbook French pronunciation of their names.
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      We never had French classes in Philippine schools. Just imagine the terrible Filipino accent and pronunciation
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