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  • The wrong approach, IMO...

    OK, I'm just going to blurt it right out: could G-P possibly have chosen less appropriate case & hands for this amazing movement?

    I have to believe that G-P would avoid this sort of misstep, except under pressure from a give-the-people-what-they-want Marketing department.
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    That looks homemade. By someone drunk. Without his reading glasses.

    I would much rather have one of your Franken-Brads that that, without even taking into account the price. Yours look so much more...skillfully made...attractive... I'm at a loss.
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      I see that and think of a group of curmudgeonly old men debating on how to make things young and hip. They throw a couple of terms around--sporty case, looks expensive, transparent parts because everyone knows that transparent stuff is cool--and then find individual parts to match each term. Grab the parts from the bin, slap them together, and this is what you get.


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        "Sporty case" is the nicest thing I could say about that design. I've never been a fan of its ilk (Royal Oak, Patek Nautilus...) and the G-P Laureato is my least favorite of an ungainly bunch.
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          Funny you mention Royal Oak

          because I was thinking that what GP has done here is the same that AP always does with the Oak. Anything goes inside the standard RO case design.
          As to this one, I have to disagree with the mindset that this is a train wreck or even a bucket of spare parts. I like the case, I like the bridges. I don't like the hands and a few other elements but I think it's a way to make sporty a very high tech(or complicated) movement. Sporty watches sell. At the price I wouldn't buy it-there are many other pieces I'd crave. Still, the world is full of guys like Dennis Hoff.


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            I'm with Pat... even though I don't have a clue who Dennis Hoff is, nor will I even look


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              Lol, you don't want to

              he's no shinning star but he is watch collector and a GP fan.


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                Yep, hideous ..............

                I remember being in Cellini's at the Waldorf when Joel, their sales
                manager at the time, was there and had the Opera One with him for
                the first time.

                That was a stunner. I don't know what this thing is.


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                  And if that's not bad enough ..............

                  check out these babies !


                  "So Many Watches / So Little Time"


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                    That's really weird....

                    I can see putting the three bridge tourby in a Laureato case, doing the whole thing in titanium (just because you can) with the sapphire bridges (again, because you can)...
                    But to then ruin it with those hands?

                    I dunno, I'd get my pipe wrench and take the crystal off, pop those hands off and put on something from one of my pocketwatches, and have a better looking end result.


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                        Originally posted by TylerEOT View Post
                        I'd get my pipe wrench and take the crystal off...
                        Just like the old days. Of course, bezels were larger then...

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                          That is just...wrong.

                          Miao, Cat


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                            Royal Oak part of 'that ilk'?

                            I'm a part, too.

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                              I don't mind the case, though I agree with you that it's my least favorite in GP's current stable. The hands here are, to me,the biggest sin. The problem is, if they used a more delicately styled hand set then the bold case could've overpowered them. I say, skeletonize & blue the hands that are on there now. That way the dimension & outline of the hands would still be masculine, but the darker color and lack of surface area wouldn't draw attention away from dial/movement/bridges.