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  • Came across this one

    the other day and really like it.
    I have not pulled the trigger yet though.
    Has some real interesting design elements that I like- many may not.
    Movement is smaller than the case but that is actually highlighted in the design as you can see from the back picture as the movement is suspended. This is cool in that the back display safire is as large as the front. This also makes the shorter hands appropriate in my view.
    Anyway, I dig so I thought I'd share. pics borrowed

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    It is an interesting design, but I think I'd get tired of the extra space around the movement. I do like this case better than most of the Ananta designs and the multi-level effect is cool, but again, the novelty would wear off for me after a while.


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      What's the deal with that slice of pie between 5 and 10 minutes?
      I find that a tad distracting, even amid the overall clutter of the dial. I think it is a neat watch in general but, as Brian stated, the novelty would wear off.

      Pat, I hate to say it, but the Devils were stifling last night. Could be a tough series.
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      Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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        Devils needed that

        type of win especially on the road. We often have many shots on goal yet lose. This time they were able to crack it open. I do hope its a series. The way i see it the Devils are playing with house money and should play loose and can win. Heck we played lousy in game one and still came close to stealing it. Still, if Flyers play up to par then they remain heavy favs.