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  • Unexpected fun...

    Last night we took the girls to see the Professional Bull Riders competition here in town. We bought the cheap-seat tickets, then got picked for the "free upgrade to the best seats in the house"!!! Sat almost right up on the rail, and what a fun night it was.

    love the accidental focal points on this one!

    an unexpected dismount... it is amazing how LONG 8 seconds can be!

    356 in the house

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    A Lot Of Bull

    Thanks for sharing. Closest I ever got was parking my bus next to their transport trucks.
    Most people check the time. I look at my watch. sigpic


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      I stood that close to the rail once....

      There's a place just outside the city limits of Odessa Tx, a bar complex, with a bull ring. Amateur bull riders come exercise some pretty large slabs of bovine fury at this place.
      One bull kicked the rail Right In Front of My Face. I got a facefull of dirt, but if he'd kicked just a little lower I'd have had a face transplant.

      My one and only rodeo experience. We were guests of one of the clowns. The whole thing seems pretty surreal in my memory now.


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        Description of the week:

        ...exercise some pretty large slabs of bovine fury...

        That's a fanastic turn of phrase, my friend.
        Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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          The announcers noted that "dirt" is just a euphemism when discussing the "stuff" bulls kick up...


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            Next Time...

            ...order the chicken.
            Most people check the time. I look at my watch. sigpic


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              I had Dinner ...........

              at the MGM Grand with jerry Norton right after he won 'Bullfighter'
              of the year at the NFR. I went for 14 straight years until 'life' got
              in the way.

              I still think it's the best ticket in all of sports. Ten days of non-stop
              thrills and action.

              Cowboy Christmas ain't too bad either. Tom Selleck, Clint Black and I all
              stood together in the same line for a beer. Those two are even nicer
              in person than on-screen.

              Oh well, hopefully this December.

              I'm glad the girls had a good time Sparky.

              "So Many Watches / So Little Time"


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                Riding spicy chicken can be a challenge, too.


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                  It didn't taste like the dirt I tasted as a kid....


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                    That first shot sums up the action quite well. It's amazing what those guys (and gals) put themselves through. When we lived in Texas, my folks would take us to the rodeo every once in a while. It was always a lot of fun.


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                      Those are some great shots. I don't imagine OSHA has any jurisdiction when it comes to rodeos, even if some riders are wearing PPE now.

                      My nephew was just getting into the sport, but quit after one of the other guys training with him was hit in the head and killed.