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  • OT: A Banner Month...

    Just wanted to share the joy of not only obtaining a really swell RGM this month, but also finding a minor Holy Grail amp. For a few years I've been playing a small Trace Elliot bass amp that I had coveted for more than a decade and finally acquired. However, the model I bought (BLX-80) had only a few of the features I really sought. Today, a chap listed his BLX-150 (twice as much power, plus a horn, loads of versatile outputs, a mute button...lots of essentials for the working bassist) on eBay. This is a very hard-to-find bit of gear. I contacted him, made an offer, sent Paypal while we chatted on the phone, drove an hour to make the pick-up, and just finished a short practice with the new amp. All in half a day. Gotta love the Internet.
    Its first gig will be Thursday--I cannot wait!

    Made ca. 1995 in the UK; long out of production. Small, but mighty!:

    In very nice condition!

    Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon

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    I know nothing of this "amp" of which you speak. But I note that it IS green, and I do approve.


    Miao, Cat


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      Well, like Cat...

      I don't get bass amps at all. I have enough trouble trying to figure out how to get "my" sound without understanding how a bass player gets his.
      But I sure salute your efforts!! The never ending quest for tone takes a brief holiday.



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        Cool panel!
        Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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          Very, very cool.
          Tyler, how to get "my sound"? 4 band EQ zeroed out... VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) set to 7.

          ok, that's about it (Markbass amp)...

          Oh, strings make all the diff.


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            I didn't know Trace amps were no longer made (shows I'm outa touch). That looks like a cracker.


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              Trace Elliot as a brand is still active...

              ...but the chaps who started it are now running Ashdown, and the TE brand is owned by Gibson, who no longer make as wide an array of products. I meant to convey that this particular model is long out of production.

              And yes, thanks, a cracker indeed!
              Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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                It's a voltage cut switch, like a 'brown out'. Think 'tweed'.