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  • Take it... or leave it?

    What would you do if instead of the one you are longing for, a different one comes along?

    I have to tell this. An amusing thing happened yesterday when one guy, together with several of my peers (cheap watch technicians that line up in front of the public market) came to me arguing on authenticity of a watch. All of the cheapie technicians insisted that the watch was fake. I was so surprised at how ignorant they were, or maybe they were thinking of one sinister plan. Sensing the sinister plan, I shooed them away and "agreed" with them that it was indeed fake. Ha! the sinister plan is now mine

    Those watch technicians always come to me whenever they can't open a watch. I help them so they can make a living. They are in no way a threat to my business since they lack formal education in watch making and cannot even buy a Rolex opener. So, I was alone with the guy and I asked him what the problem was. He wanted to sell the watch and I was surprised why he went to those noobs! I told him that those noobs won't ever buy such a watch. "They said it's fake!" he retorted. I told him that lots of fakes flood the streets so people are getting cautious. So I asked him to show it to me, and he put it on my workbench.

    Dusty and ladden with his fingerprints, I readily recognized an authentic beauty. Just to make sure, I put on my loupe and examined the hands. I can't be wrong, it's authentic and the hands are vaulted and not fakin' flat. I trembled, but, NO! This is not what I wanted! I wanted a Tudor Prince Oyster Date! NO! It can't be.

    With trembling fingers I dialled Masakatsu's number. "There's a Sub here... no... not Tudor... okay... really?... okay... okay... now?... okay..." I asked the guy how much is his asking. "$2,500!" (haggles...). I signalled "$2,000" the guy shook his head. I bade him politely good day and thanked him for coming. He lingered and said "Okay!"

    I rushed to the bank to withdraw the money. We counted altogether in front of the bank manager. The guy called someone in his household to deliver the box and papers. Remorse suddenly poured inside me. No! This is not what I want!

    But Masakatsu doesn't want the chance to slip away so, here it is on my wrist today! Masakatsu was launghing at me, "There'll be another day for the Tudor Oyster Date..."

    Rolex 3135

    A Blessed Sunday to all!
    Tempus fugit...

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    My story is a Rolex story.

    Rolex has a distribution system I would describe as fiendish. Seems the ones many lust after are the most difficult to get. So it was with me and the Explorer II. On the day I found one, I didn't have enough money and the store refused to accept a deposit "First come, first served," said the sales clerk. Next day, it was, of course, gone. But there was a GMT II.

    A female customer was thinking about buying it. I was standing off to one side, silently. Suddenly, she turned to me and said, "I don't know. Would you buy it?"

    "I'd have to think about it." And she walked out of the place without another word.

    I said to the sales clerk, "Thought about it. I'll take it."
    Most people check the time. I look at my watch. sigpic


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      Nicely done! Sounds like you got an amazing deal!


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        I'll take it! Oh, wait, you meant a vote for your action..

        wow, wonderful, absolutely wonderful!

        Well done! Yah, I would have done it, too!