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Holy complications, Batman!

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  • Holy complications, Batman!

    This has to be one of the more unusual complications available today. I didn't even know something like this existed.

    I'm not even going to attempt a description other than to say that a nautically gifted stargazer could determine his exact location using this thing. Here's the link for the full description of its functions.


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    That is very cool. I also like that the makers think a project like this worth attempting.


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      Some of the watchspeak on the website has me confused. I'm not sure if they're doing amazing things or just indulging in some word torture but what they appear to be doing, as a company, is make some very interesting watches. So good for them. Visually, I don't find them that appealing but their watches are not, by any means, the ugliest ones out there and they do make some interesting and impressive claims about their mechanical virtues.


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        What, No Date?

        If Stephen Hawking was one of the smartest guys on Earth, which is a given, but was unable to explain his brilliant thoughts to Average Joes like me- and he was a watch, he would be this watch.

        I am impressed and confused.
        Most people check the time. I look at my watch. sigpic


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          Gaah! "put it here, we have room" vs. "where shall we put it to make it aesthetically appealing?"



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            So Sparky

            Do you get the feeling this is a watch that was completely designed by watchmakers with little or not input from a real designer? That's what it feels like to me. It's just a tool with some idiosyncratic touches. And yes, it would be a LOT better if someone had maybe made it just a little prettier.

            Still a cool concept though.


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              That is actually one of the reasons why this watch appeals to me. It is not "designed" to be pretty. As Russell stated, it is very much a tool watch. The person that this watch was designed for would almost certainly prefer function over a design that sacrifices function in the name of design.

              The haphazard layout is also a clear sign that this is not a normal watch. That the makers of this watch resisted any temptation to pretty up the face makes me appreciate the functional aspects even more (as much as I can possibly appreciate those functions without a good bit of study).


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                Perhaps. Then again, it might have had tons of input by "avant garde" designers. It is a very difficult feat to pull off an asymmetrical dial. It is possible they really thought they had achieved proper tension in placement (while working with the watchmakers to design the movement)... then again, they could have all been stoned.