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  • Simple, modern designs catching your eye?

    Let's see 'em...We've discussed a number of modern designs recently. I've got my eye on one--though the hands & case are decidedly vintage-inspired, it has modern features such as rubber straps and digital display. I realize I'm far behind on this trend, though I did have an ana-digi Timex in the 1980s.

    Here's one I fancy:

    Image by RRL

    What sort of simple modern timepice would you favor?
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    Wow, tough topic. I just glanced through my collection pics... nope, not a single one can be classified as "modern", well, one, perhaps. My dead Swatch I bought in '86 or so. Can't find a pic of it either!

    As for the iconic "modern' watch... I choose Mondaine. There is a balance of weight, color and 'white space' that seems to have found harmony here. I would not mind owning one of these (wonder... do they have a mech version?)...


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      Good choice Sparky. I know at one time Mondaine did make several different mechanical versions of their classic railway watch, not sure if they still do but I think so.

      Without hesitation my choice would be this one...

      I almost wish I still had one. No, that's a lie. I definitely wish I still had one. A truly great, very useful watch with the right blend (for me) of old and new.


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        Actually they do have an automatic version. Watchismo even has it for 20% off right now with the code TIMEMACHINE20. (Talk about fortuitous timing... I just read that email 5 minutes ago.)

        My wife has one of the discontinued eco-matic models that is one of her favorites.



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          My choice for a modern design would be the MIH watch, sort of the negative Mondaine in the looks department. I really want to add one of these to my collection someday.



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            Well chosen! I had forgotten these. Sweet!


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              Plus one on the MIH. I'd take almost any of Ludwig Oechslin's recent offerings.


              But even this wears off in time.


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                wwii modern for me

                makes for a very contemporary design I think:

                "most things are NOS for a reason"


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                  Originally posted by wintermutt View Post
                  I'd take almost any of Ludwig Oechslin's recent offerings.
                  I couldn't agree more. He is a master of "simplified" complications and their presentation.


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                    Mondain? Modern?


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                      Modern -vs- Bauhaus

                      It seems to me most of these are all Bauhaus revival, itself an expression of German industrial design and architecture between the World Wars.

                      I think clean, simple and classics can be updated to look right in the 21st century without looking like another design movement.

                      This strikes me as truly modern....

                      And this....well... thats a modern update of "Classic" if ever I saw one!


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                        Good point Tyler.

                        The Mondain is a "Modern" design, with a capital "M", as in Modern-ist or Modern-ism, epitomised by Bauhaus design.

                        One of my personal favourite "Modern" designs is this Chronoscope by Junghans; the so-called Max Bill. Bill was an Architect - a student of Walter Gropius at the Bauhaus. His recently revived watch designs were originally created for Junghans in 1962.

                        If we're talking modern with a small "m", as in contemporary 21st C. design, I'll go with the Oeschlin designs noted above. His work would probably be better categorized as Post-Modern, Deconstructivist, or even Post-Structuralist (given his apparent rejection of the received objective truths of "modern" watchmaking culture, and much of the populist value narrative).

                        But even this wears off in time.


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                          This Rado for me, Brad

                          <a href=";current=Rado55.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

                          A modern classic for me.
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                            Couldn't agree more Ken just need to be an automatic movement. The skipping and sputtering of the quartz second hand on that watch just leaves me flat. I have seen it in person with a smooth continuous sweep second that watch would sing.
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                              Love the MIH suggestions. A quick one....

                              Saw this on TZ not long ago. Love this shot and the simplicity of the design too. Other ideas would be something from Xemex probably.