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OT: poll for auto(mobile) suggestions...

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  • OT: poll for auto(mobile) suggestions...

    OK gents,
    You have ~$25,000 to spend on a car, new or used. It'll be a daily driver in a climate as likely in a year to see days below freezing as sweltering hot. AWD is nice; no restrictions on # of doors, seats or cylinders. Reliability and style are important. Pick-ups and SUVs need not apply. Will be stored in a garage.

    Anything jump out at you?
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    First thing that came to my mind...


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      The Subaru is hard to beat for an all around vehicle. If they ever offer the diesel over here, it will be towards the top of my list.

      My top choices would be a '07 or '08 BMW 3-series or Audi A4. For awd, I'd go with the Audi over the BMW. (The Lexus IS is also a nice choice if you don't carry any passengers with legs in the back seat, plus it comes in rwd or awd.) I'd go with a wagon in either of those, but that is just my preference. (A3 is a nice diesel option.)

      For something a bit more fun, I'd go with a Miata (or MX-5 as it is called these days) with the retractable hardtop (for the colder days).

      I yearn for the day I get a new car... I was following an old Geo Metro today and told my wife that it was probably one of the few cars on the road today that has less power than my Prius.


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        Having never bought a car that was not of a German brand, I'm hesitant to stray...especially as I generally prefer European styling to all others. The idea of a diesel A3 is good; not sure if I can find one in my price range. I drive an '01 A4 now and would be happy with an A3 or A4 avant. I've owned a bunch of VWs and am seriously considering a used Eos, assuming I can get it sported up a bit (wheels, tires, chip, maybe a subtle spoiler) on my budget.

        The Volvo C-30 has appealed to me for quite some time.

        I wonder when the FIAT Abarths are coming to the US...

        So many choices. The MX5s do look nice these days.
        Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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          Here y'go then, it's German, it's affordable....

          the East German Trabi Traben (in pink!)

          or the East German Wartburg 353


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            I'd try to find a pre-loved R32.


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              The Volvo C30 is an oddly appealing car to me, too. It is quirky, but I've read they are a great little car to drive.

              The Fiat Abarth won't be around until 2012, I think. I seem to remember reading that the 500 won't be here until next year and that the Abarth would follow along later. I could be (and hope) I'm wrong on that because I can't wait to try one of them out.


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                In '08 I test drove a Gen. 1 C-30 T5...

                ...and it was a slick little machine, but didn't have the amenities of a VW at the same price, so my wife chose a Jetta. For example, it lacked cruise control. (And they consider themselves a luxury brand?) Very nice and quick, though with that turbocharged 5-cyl. motor. Lots of pep, and it reminds me of the old Volvo P-1800s, which I really dug.

                I saw a new C-30 on the road yesterday and like the new nose design. Someone at my company was returning to Sweden and offered a fairly new R-design C-30 for about $20k. What a steal. Worth considering...

                Sparky, thanks for the that I'm performing with a 'kid's music' band on occasion it might be good PR to drive a toy car.
                Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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                  Fred Beans has one...


                  Great idea. I don't have the cash yet, tho'
                  Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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                    A photo and another idea...

                    Brad, I know you know the R32. One of my cousin's has the first version of the R32. He is a German car nut and has driven just about ever Porsche that's come down the pike (he's in the car business). He says he'll never get rid of his R32. He's getting ready to by a new Carerra, but says he's still keeping the R32. That should tell you something.

                    Here's another idea. John Cooper Works Clubman. I kinda dig these things. Might bring back some memories of your days in England too!


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                      Yup, I was just looking at them on Autotrader.

                      I'm in the market too, but for things a bit more stodgy. Looking for either a Highlander or an Outback. Neither are much fun, but they'll hold all my toys which is sorta important.


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                        Works Clubman...

                        ...that's a great idea. I could get my music gear in there, I bet.

                        Regarding the R32. Years ago, perhaps ~'92 when VW was making VR6 Corrados, I frequently said "if VW would make a GTI with a V-6 and AWD, I'd never need another car." Audi beat them to it (first gen. S3, Europe only), but the R32 was VW's realization of my dream. Modest as it was.

                        Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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                          I play the car game all the time...

                          For the longest time I have wanted a GTI. It's still on my list but I'm not sure if it is the one. The C30 is also high on my list and I am also intrigued by the return of Fiat. I can't wait to drive a 500. I'm also interested to drive the Ford Focus and Escort. I saw a de-badged Escort (they couldn't fool me) on the street last month and it looked pretty sweet.

                          I used to lust after BMWs and Audis but the upkeep scares me. If I were to buy either it would have to be new and under warranty/no cost maintenance. That ain't happening on my budget.

                          AWD is OK but I don't consider it a necessity. FWD or RWD with a good set of snow tires will get you through just about anything.

                          Personally, I'll probably end up with another VW TDI. The new Golf TDI is really sweet and the suspension is closer to the GTI than to other Golfs. I just can't turn my back on those MPGs.
                          If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.
                          - Mario Andretti


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                            I don't know Beans....

                            ...about VW's, or Fred either, but that's pretty attractive at the price. A friend of mine has a Jetta that's just been one nightmare after another. Leaked oil on my driveway today, so I'm not favorably inclined.
                            I sure do dig my Nissan Murano for about that kinda money (well, mine has 50k on it, and so around $15k). But you said SUV's need not apply....


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                              Interesting that this is the first car from this part of the world mention in this th

                              Which doesn't surprise me at all. And you had to see this one coming from a long way off...

                              Second Prius. I've had this one a year and I love it more and more.