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  • Citizen Mission Antarctica

    I saw this on the sales forums the other day. This one came out many years ago, but it has triggered some fun memories for me.

    My then-girlfriend-now-wife and I went on a fantastic adventure about 3 years ago. We spent over 2 weeks traveling around Argentina and then going down to Antarctica. We actually got engaged in Tierra del Feugo at the southern tip of Argentina.

    The trip was amazing and the watch seems like it would have been the perfect timepiece for a trip like that. (I took a cheap Casio with me on the trip.) This watch hits many of the right buttons for me, but unfortunately they don't turn up too often.

    The watch (picture borrowed from the seller):

    And some pictures from our trip:

    (The black dots on the right side of the iceberg are penguins and the bird has a 5-foot wingspan to give you a sense of how big that iceberg was.)

    (Low flying penguins.)

    (Doing my best penguin impersonation.)

    (It's a rough life...)

    (Just try not to tick off the locals )
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    SO COOL! The trip, and the watch.... I had one... FOOLishly sold it long ago...

    can't find any old pics :(


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      I really would like to see Citizen bring that design back. I like that much more than most of their other divers.