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State of the Collection Mid-Year Report...

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  • State of the Collection Mid-Year Report...

    Are you ready?
    The year is halfway through. How does your growing/shrinking/changing/static collection look as we slice through 2010?

    Mine has changed... sometimes without fanfare.
    I will say I am extremely fortunate to be where I am, horologically speaking.

    So... get your Mid-Year collection shots together and let us see how you've grown (or shrunk!) halfway through 2010

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    Definitely some surprises in there!! That Tao is new (to me).


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      Very nice collection

      Eclectic comes to mind; my own tastes run similarly.

      “Tis with our judgements as our watches:
      None go just alike, yet each believes his own.”
      Alexander Pope (1688 - 1744)

      Either he's dead or my watch has stopped.
      - Groucho Marx


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        shakes head

        where in the world did that Oakley come from?


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          Had to reach into the mental depths to remember... it was a 2nd (or 3rd) place prize for a photo contest on SeikoCitizenWatchForum


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            I see. I just didn't recall it from previous SOTC pictures.

            I'm working on my own SOTC but I'm slow and in the midst of yet another video project with a short deadline. Soon...


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              The incredible shrinking collection

              I think the last time I did a SOTC the number was in the teens, or perhaps even 20. I've cut back an awful lot since then, and there are only 2 or 3 that even get much wrist time at all!

              Oh, I still have a couple dozen pocket watches scattered around the house in antique watch holders that are accent pieces in the decor, and I still have the collection of 1920's Illinois wristwatches that I'd sell if there were a buyer. But except for two factory wear watches, this is it! Quite a change from the old days!

              I. Dressy but not often worn (4)

              II. Frequent Wear (3)


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                Still cool. Whatever happened to all your Illinois watches?


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                  The "not really a collection" collection...

                  Two that I like to own and almost never wear:

                  One that I grab for surfing, sandcastles and home maintenance:

                  And the two I wear all the time:



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                    A fine, eclectic group as well! Thanks!


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                      Always enjoy your SOTC shots! >>>

                      This is mostly what I have now. On the surface it looks gluttonous, but a lot of 'em are cheapies. There are a handful of family pieces, some G-Shocks and one or two others I didn't feel like digging out. For the moment though, this is it. Emphasis on the phrase FOR THE MOMENT because a lot of them will be in play soon. I have WAY too many, though a lot of them do get worn. There are about 8 or 9 that I am going to steadily eliminate over the next weeks and months. Chief of which is the Tudor, discussed ad nauseum. Basically, the top shelf is safe (aside from the Tudor), half of the bottom shelf are going and half of the pieces on the left will be going too.

                      Oh, and russell, to heck with the whole contentment/"never going to get rid of" notion... I just can't do it. I really can't.


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                        Wow, larger and more diversified than I could recall! I call dibs on the tauchmeister... at your purchase price!


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                          Uh, that one ain't goin'! The other yellow one is. For you, I make nice price!


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                            Sparky, this is a really serious diver collection, apart from all the rest. Great stuff.


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                              Thanks, it is eclectic although that is partly because the first two were random, early choices. The final three are the ones I wear and they are the the latest in a long-standing "two plus a beater" theme. I guess the idea is one water-resistant all-rounder and one simple strap watch for suits and a bit of variety. I often put the Lighton on a black strap.

                              I don't think the Enicar will stay for long and I'm inclined to update the Casio. Mind you my little boy really likes the Casio for the light button...
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