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  • I bet we've discussed this before...

    ...but I'd be interested to read the answers to this question:

    What brand/style/trend of watches that is popular/respected continues to elude your understanding/interest?

    For me, I understand the fascination with IWC, but am rarely moved by one. Blancpain has a similar effect on me. I appreciate them, but nearly every BP I like is one that reminds me of something else. I mean no disrespect or offense by this I just haven't been bitten by the bug.

    I'm no necessarily yearning to become one of the group (heck, my fascination with Rado should make that clear), but do feel slightly left out at times.

    Any perspective you're willing to share? I am guessng Patek won't be left out...

    Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon

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    oh no

    I could go on for days. I think I'll wait.


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      Hublot 'Big Bang' and the strange part of it is I like 'differently' styled Watches.
      I've just never been able to warm up to them.

      "So Many Watches / So Little Time"


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        Interesting question-

        For me its Rolex-- sure I appreciate the watches as classic sports watches- but I just have never wanted one. Much like a budweiser which has its role, is very well made(imagine how hard it is to make that much beer in so many different places and always be consistent), is certainly very drinkable(so is water) and rarely if ever disappoints-- unless you are looking for something with a little more- or even a lot more.


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          For me: TAG/Heuer. Sure, I like some of their watches, but mostly they are just a marketing firm that has the lowest bidder (for each component) put a watch together.

          They do make some very cool watches, but I've known some "fans" of the brand, and could never figure that one out.

          Overall I'm more a fan of a model than a brand, and there are quite a few more brands that I would put in the TAG basket.


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            And for the record, my apologies in advance. No one should be offended by anything I write here as it reflects only my own personal taste (or lack thereof) and is not meant in any way to disparage owners of mentioned companies/brands/models/watches/features.

            I don't get it. I guess they're refugees from Panerai, or something. I noticed they're cleansed the site of all specific mentions of Panerai. No doubt someone's legal team caused that editing. I don't like the cases. I don't like the dials. They're big, clunky with none of Panerai's grace or tradition. Al their designs seem too similar to me. Maybe if I liked the case more. In the end, and yes, we finally get to the point, Anonimo is sort of my poster child of the bigger is better movement. A movement which I just don't get anymore.

            There are homages and then there are just mediocre copies. Then there are mediocre copies that sell for stupid money. RXW, Plasmir and their ilk all disturb me. It's too much homage, too expensive and frankly, I can't understand why someone who would wear a "sterile" Panerai would pay a grand or more for it rather than going to New York and buying one for fifty bucks, likely, a watch that came from the same factory. Exception to the rule, to name just one, MarkII. Bill Yao makes some beautiful homages and I think they're enough "his" that I'm not bothered by it in the least. When I see RXW and Plasmir cluttering up a certain watch sales forum, I think it makes the forum look bad. I don't know. I guess it's a fine line but in my opinion, those homages cross it.

            "limited editions"
            And one of my faves, Omega, is just as guilty of this as many companies but please, I don't care how fast they sell out, a limited edition of 10,000 is not limited in any reasonable sense. That said, for some companies a limited edition of 1,000 is overkill. I much prefer RGM's vastly more honest approach which it say, look, we're a small company, we only produce a few hundred watches a year. You want a limited edition, any of our watches qualify. 50 a limited edition. Maybe even 500 but once you hit the four digits, it becomes questionable how limited your edition is. I just can't find the motivation to get excited that I might have the opportunity, if I act now, to buy watch number 4367/5000. Sorry.

            custom straps
            On one hand I am absolutely fascinated by the explosion of strap sellers and makers producing all kinds of interesting ways to affix a watch to our collective wrist. I saw a custom buckle, for a Panerai, that had a cool silhouette of a submarine on it. Very cool. Then I saw about a dozen other people selling big, fat straps (for Pannies or Anonimos I suppose), most starting at around a $100. Sorry, I'm lost on a a leather strap with minimal hand finishing can be a c-note. And it's not even just about price. It's white noise to me. I'm lost in the plethora of straps and why I should buy one person's over another. Maybe I used to care. These days, I don't.

            And one more slightly off-topic, speaking of explosions, who knew that selling boxes, wallets, authenticity cards, hang tags, gee-gaws and widgets would be a third of a popular sales forum offerings? For me, it's totally turned me off buying any watch that is "the complete set". I can't see a value in it when I can buy a box, paperwork and tags for virtually any watch in existence. For me it completely blurs the line between someone who may be the original buyer and some flipper who knows where to get all the accessories.

            I love me some steampunk. I do. But in watches, the whole litany of carbon fiber, proprietary screws and exposed structure is so sorely overdone it's sad. I don't want to apply to the BTC (as if they would have me) and I love the look but it's so overdone now. Use the visual vocabulary to say something, expand it or stop it.

            One trick ponies
            The best example, b&r, a company I once really liked. Do they make anything other than endless iterations of the BR square thingie anymore? Go look at their website for the pathetic parade of the same thing over and over again in different colors, materials and some, now with diamonds! or skulls! The last new thing did was the vintage series, which was nice, even though it was basically just them riffing on an earlier design and that series is now what? Seven years old? Hublot more or less started out as one trick pony making nice little watches that looked like portholes on really comfortable rubber straps way before it was cool. Since then? The big bang. And more. I don't expect every company to produce a wide array of extremely different watches but when all you can do is play hall of mirrors with last years designs, it's time to stop.

            Skimming the cream
            I've ranted about this in the past and it's a long one so I'll keep it as brief as possible. I think the one the mechanical watch industry has utterly failed to do is make a case for it's product and produce product lines that anyone can buy. It's called, building your brand. What the industry has been happy doing is skimming the top percentage off by selling pieces appealing to the "you now have something not many other people can afford" which fine, as far as it goes. But I would contend that in age when landfills are filling up with batteries and plastic junk, there is a strong argument for a decent mechanical watch that can be maintained, and kept for a long time. I think it makes environmental sense and I think it makes good fiscal sense. Instead, most companies have been happy producing ever more expensive watches selling to a smaller and smaller group of wealthy collectors. It's almost the tulip bulb syndrome. In 70's the watch industry was turned upside down by quartz and rather than educate and compete they feel back and retreated until, and this is an important, until a company called Swatch started making interesting cheap watches. Sure, they were all quartz but Swatch has made mechanicals and they can make inexpensive mechanicals. As I said, this is a long tirade and I'll spare you more but suffice to say, I think this is a bad trend and it's one that doesn't speak well for the industry as a whole.


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              Hublot, Ball, and Kobold.

              I like some of Ball's cleaner designs, but find the signature tubes a non-necessary gimmick that in reality don't provide all that much lume. And the relentless, over-the-top emphasis of the historic and prized Ball logo and name by a company that has no tie to it other than having paid some money for the rights is a turn off for me.

              I also like some of Kobold's designs. But as engaging a person Mike is face to face, the doubling of prices along with the story and deeds behind the scenes force me to turn away.

              I didn't like Hublot before the Big Bang. While I surprised myself by liking them the first time I saw them, I never felt the Bangs were much more than a weaker version of a Royal Oak, and now that they have multiplied into endless variations currently reaching the "tutti frutti hazelnut" state, I am really sick of the whole concept. If JC Biver has another trick up his sleeve, it's long past time to whip it out.

              Harumph and Bah Humbug!


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                Some very good points...

                Anonimo was one brand that was going to make my list too, and I think you've articulated why better than I could.

                Doxa's another - I get the historical significance but I just find them unattractive.

                On steampunk, I heard a great description recently: "Steampunk's what happens when goths discover brown." That said, I think there's some great steampunk and some really dreadful steampunk, and 99% of it is the latter. Like any movement that co-opts a bygone aesthetic, you have to do it really, really right or it just comes off tacky; it's not just about the look but also the craftsmanship, materials, and intent. This is why I rarely buy "reproduction antiques" - you can just tell.



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                  LOL! That is profoundly witty:

                  "Steampunk's what happens when goths discover brown."
                  Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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                    Too many to list ...

                    Even among the brands I admire I often dislike 95% of what they make ...and yes, Brad, that includes Patek.

                    What I dislike most is any company trying to be something they are not and pricing their watches wholly out of line with their worth in attempt to create more market/value than there is. The departed Montres Allison comes to mind and I put Kobold in this group as well.

                    As for a brand that is respected but the attraction eludes me, I'll go with UN.

                    You know that you're over the hill when your mind makes a promise that your body can't fill.

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                      Uh Mr. Picky

                      One could arguably say that about a lot of companies, one difference is, of course, that we imbue many of those other companies with more intrinsic value than that of, say, he who shall not be named.

                      While I completely agree with on the pricing issue it is a stone we could toss in a lot of directions.

                      Nate, Doxa, thank you. I so forgot them and I SO wanted to include them.

                      Whichwatch, Ball, another sure winner in my book. Huge pricing, a bought and paid name and heritage and those blody tubes all over the place. And what's sad is that for the money you pay for those watches, they could be a lot of more creative with the tritium tubes and do something genuinely cool. Instead, it's like a bedazzled like a Vegas retiree's windbreaker. Ugh.


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                        A good difference in taste, leads to that spice of life. I particularly appreciate it when something I desire becomes less popular, thus making it cheaper for me.

                        Brandon, I am with you on Heuer, excluding their re-issues, they haven't done anything to interest to me in 15 or 20 years.

                        These days I hate busy. I used to like detailed. Today I call it busy (See especially Breitling.)

                        I used to dislike the Big C divers cases. I have three Doxa's, two Certina's and Technos. My tastes changed. They will again.

                        Good topic.


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                            Panerai. And by mentioning them I guess what I really mean is...

                            ... I don't get the rabid following: the t-shirts, the stickers, the forums, the overly designed and overly valued straps... I don't get none of it. I dig the Radiomir, that PVD piece that someone posted on the DWF yesterday and one or two more, but the whole circus surrounding them? I dunno... it's like Panerai is the Grateful Dead of watches - it's more about the parade surrounding them it seems. All by themselves, a Panerai or a Dead song or two... they aren't horrible. But you start getting a bunch of Panerai watches together and all their followers... and dig up Gerry and get some of the Dead Heads together and you can just forget it... it's just too much.

                            And just for the record, you haters, this Hublot is cool!


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                              That is quite a litany!!

                              " age when landfills are filling up with batteries and plastic junk, there is a strong argument for a decent mechanical watch that can be maintained, and kept for a long time."

                              Y'know, you've got a helluva good point there. Perhaps there's a niche there, the mech-volksuhren where a nice fortune might be made. Unfortunately, (or not, depending upon your point of view), that niche will be taken by the Chinese, if at all.