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  • OK, Here's your classic thread

    In this thread nominate the watches you think are absolute classics. Please take a moment or two to say why you think they deserve that description.

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    In 40 years, the basic hand wind speedmaster has changed almost not at all, and is still popular. Only the price has gone up.


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      I must nominate a Rado...

      Photo by Sam (OneSound)

      ...and despite the Diastar being their self-appointed icon, I think the 1965 Manhattan is a true classic. It has been imitated by many other brands (both Swiss and Japanese, even as recently as this decade) but has retained a strong Rado identity and it seen as one of the "must have" watches in any Rado collection. Few other watches as succinctly epitomize the swinging '60s and foreshadow the funky 1970s. More instantly recognizable than many of the other classic watches we love, this is not only a significant watch in terms of style, it was notable for its construction and for being the first non-round wristwatch water resistant to 22 ATM (men's model).

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        The very definition of classic ...

        Classic: a work of enduring excellence.

        That pretty much sums up the Sub ...a work of enduring excellence. Excellence in timelessness of design, reliability of function and quality of execution.

        Often imitated, never duplicated. Cliché, but true.

        An absolute, stone cold, drop dead, no doubt about it, rock solid classic.

        <img src=>

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          Understated yet unmissable. How did they do that?



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            Here's my list...

            These first few are no-brainers for me:

            -Omega Constellation Pie-Pan - the definition of a classic dress watch
            -IWC Portugueser - ok, the other definition of a classic dress watch
            -Rolex Sub - sport watch incarnate
            -Omega Speedmaster - solid, non-nonsense, all functionality, but still handsome
            -Panerai 111 - it'd be hard to think of another watch that achieves the same level of perfection with the same level of simplicity
            -JLC Reverso - its elegance transcends what would be a gimmick on a lesser watch
            -B-Uhr (of whichever brand one prefers) - readability above all else, but still supremely balanced
            -Omega 30T2 Broadarrow WWW - the ultimate WWII watch
            -Rolex Oyster Date - love it or hate it, it's a standard by which so many others around it are judged

            There are others that I feel must make my list, but I'm not sure I could define why:

            -Blancpain Fifty Fathoms (original version, not the new one)
            -Glycine Airman
            -Longines Weems

            There are others that may belong on this list - for instance, there probably ought to be a classic-looking Breguet on there somewhere - but in many cases I don't know that I could identify one particular model within its genre that stands out as more iconic than its brethren in the same way that the above do.



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              How's this for an Oyster date model?:

              Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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                Ah...the problem there, Brad...

       exactly what you say: it epitomizes a certain TIME. It's the diametrical opposite of a "Timeless Classic".


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                  It's one of the true Timeless Classics, because it's changed only subtly over the course of 50 years, and still going strong.


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                    I'd call that one borderline....

                    It's absolutely a stone classic, but at 34mm, it's not going to make a big comeback in Omega's lineup any time soon. That takes out the "Timeless" part, if you're not into 34mm watches.


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                      Reverso, Geezer, Sub....

                      ...I'll agree with. Those are watches that have been in production for decades, and don't look to change much over the next few decades.
                      I'm undecided as to the Panerai. It has some "timeless classic" going for it as long as the big watch fad isn't just a fad.
                      The Breguet Marine might fit the description, but they keep messin' with it, adding big dates, whirling vortex of doom dials, etc....


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                        Does that matter?

                        just because it doesn't fit with the current fad doesn't mean it's not a classic. Classic means it transcends fads. I think the Connie does and always will.

                        Same holds for the Panerai, IMO. The Connie transcends the fad of which it is not a member, but the Panerai transcends the fad of which it is a member. With any fad, you can look back 10 or 20 years later and pick out the things that were only popular because they fit within the fad, and the things that were excellent in their own regard and just happened to also be part of that fad. The former fade away, and the latter endure. I'd put both the 111 and the Connie squarely in the latter category.



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                          Not the one I'd pick as the definition of "classic," but not bad.


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                            Hmm.... interesting thinking! But actually, I think it does matter. The Sub and the speedmaster have both stayed about the same size since inception, and continue to be popular even through the 'big watch fad'. Just because a really well made top hat is a classic, that doesn't mean you'd necissarily feel comfortable wearing one in public today. Even with a tux. It's a classic, but certainly not timeless.

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                              Yep, to me the winner hands down (IMHO)

                              "So Many Watches / So Little Time"