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    I think of some of the already mentioned....

    Rolex Sub
    Omega Speedy Pro

    As well as, and I don't think anybody mentioned them yet...

    Tag Heuer Monaco and Autavia.

    My definition of classic would be pretty straightforward: designs that have stood the test of time.


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      Ooo, and I'll also say the GMT Master series as well.


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        Classic....vs Timeless Classic...

        Something that was (or is) an awesome design in it's day is a classic. If it has become irrelevant, or just out of style, it's still a classic.

        The Curvex, the Rado, the B-Uhr, the Panerai, the railroad pocketwatch and the top hat are all good examples of classics that may or may not be relevant today or in the future. Some of them (like the Rado) have sparked a nostalgic renaissance, and have become cool again. Some like the Panerai, were NEVER cool, until rediscovered and made into a cult object.

        The Submariner, the Cartier Tank, the Speedmaster and really very few others have become staples of modern mechanical watch companies with very little change for many decades. They might have branched out, and come up with green bezel versions, or a zillion variations on the speedy theme, but the original is still around. In fact, most of us would have trouble differentiating a 2009 speedmaster from a 1969 speedmaster. Or a 1975 submariner from a 2005 submariner.

        I don't think there really is a Seamaster you could call a timeless classic, unless...maybe.. it's the Bond. Omega keeps changing the Seamaster, and has now discontinued it in all it's current forms. Or re-defined it. Or something- I'm still unsure what the heck they're doing from the releases I've seen.

        Rolex tries to keep their designs as "timeless" as possible, but that isn't always without changing things a lot. The Daytona is a good example. It's gone through a lot of changes. The Datejust just about has to be considered a timeless classic, even with all it's permutations. The Explorer is probably close, though many won't buy it because of it's small size. The GMT has been through a lot of changes.


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          Rolex Sub (ouch! that hurt)
          Omega Speedy
          JLC reverso
          Patek Philippe perpetual
          A-P Royal Oak
          Casio G-shock
          Rolex Datejust (yeah that hurt too)

          All have been around for at least 25 years with some modernizing. The sheer quality of the PP will assure that it survives. Rolex is Rolex, much copied, but still desired. Speedy... to the moon and back and still on the wrist, nuff said. Reverso, still cool after all those years????!!!!! G-shock, function in extremis for very little $$. The wierd one is the AP, put that design is still modified and selling well after 30+ years.


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            One more...

            Hamilton Ventura.

            Erik, your suggestions of Royal Oak and G-Shock may be controversial, but I think you're probably right on both counts.



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              Without a doubt the G-Shock belongs on the list. Some may wince because of what it is but I think that's empty elitism (I'm all for real elitism).

              The APRO, hmmmm, maybe. I think you could make a strong case for it.

              The Ventura, what a great suggestion. While one could argue about what's come of it in the last few decades it's certainly a milestone watch.