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Yes, I'm asking the question that should not be asked

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  • Yes, I'm asking the question that should not be asked

    Ok, if, and boy oh boy is this a huge "if", if there were a ConvergenceMMX, would you come?

    I'll lay out some ideas and some costs and if anyone is interested, a discussion could ensue. If not, next October for me will be nice and boring.

    Brand new in the center of town. Room rates run from about $125 to over $200 per night. Way more facilities than we need but it's nice. In the midst of downtown, walk to food, drink, shopping, art and music. 299 rooms and a convention center as well as multiple ballrooms and conference rooms.

    Downtown Lancaster has changed quite a bit in the last few years. This a revitalized downtown with dozens of new restaurants, art galleries and shops. It's still Lancaster and most everything is closed on Sunday but otherwise, I think those of you who have been here before will see a remarkable change.

    As for the watch industry itself, I would guess that getting sponsors would be tough unless we had a strong turnout (let's say 200 people, which we never had). Watch companies are notoriously tight and I don't doubt a difficult economy will be the perfect excuse, if not reasonable explanation, for not attending, sponsoring or offering prizes. All of which is to say, as I view it now, unless we get a lot of enthusiasts, we won't get a lot of watch companies to participate.

    That said, it might be worthwhile just to get together and see each other (I think so).

    Please let me invite you to discuss any aspect of this here in the posts below.

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    Of course, you can count me in...but it's a matter of a short drive for me and the only costs would be in lodging & attendance rather than travel. Attendance by the chaps outside reasonable driving distance will be the key.
    Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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      I'm in. Columbus is

      a much shorter drive than Chicago was!

      While people are expressing their thoughts, what about a smaller informal get together this year?

      Maybe an afternoon get together, a "pay as you go" dinner, see if we can get a waitress to quit in the middle of dinner, drink Holzie's entire bottle. You know, just normal stuff.


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        Id love to see it happen again. I think you guys should give it a go, even if it is at the far end of the wrong hemisphere.


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          Sounds we had in West Chester, PA a couple years ago.
          I'd be pleased to visit Bube's again.
          Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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            Well, it's easy for me, I'm here already

            So anytime you want to get together, informally or otherwise, we should do it. If we did it on a Friday we might even invade Roland's place.

            Hey, Roland doesn't read what we write here, does he? Boy, I hope not.


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              Sounds great! I might even try to find some time to get outta town. Anything to get to rummage through Roland's "Junk Drawer" again... that flightmaster still haunts me!!!!!


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                and you know what Sparky

                It's still there. Or it was when I was last there in June.


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                  Sigh. It would get SO MUCH wrist time if it were here


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                    I could do something crazy like fly out to Cleveland and ride out from there with Chris and JDS. Sure would be fun.


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                      If the date works, I'm there.

                      You know that you're over the hill when your mind makes a promise that your body can't fill.

                      Little Feat




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                        I thought you were a non-date sorta guy?!?


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                          Of course he's a non-date sort of guy! If you

                          looked like him, do you think anyone would want to go out with you?


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                            I'm in...

                            and I don't care about sponsors, door prizes, etc. Those sort of logistics are what killed it off when I tried to put one together here in Boston - I spent so much time trying to get them in line that by the time I did, it was too late for anyone to plan to come (and it doesn't help that one of them went down the tubes rather spectacularly). And those things aren't what it's about, anyway - it's about getting this community together in person. That's what I remember about Convergence, not the sponsors (which is not to dismiss their efforts). Pick a date early, stand by it, and barring unforeseen events, I bet there could be a decent turnout. We're itching for it.

                            As for whichwatch's suggestion of a smaller meeting this year, I probably couldn't do that, unfortunately. There's a small possibility based on the date, but it's small.



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                              I'm with Nate! Just get the gang together.