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  • Such a deal...

    I couldn't believe this "Deal" on the Sales Corner.

    $75....maybe. $ way on God's green earth.

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    I'll stick with my $20 Pelican solution....

    the contents have changed...


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      Just laughable. Except that there's one born every minute.


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        Is it just me, or does a case like that sort of advertise that you have something inside worth stealing? Besides, I think that $275 (discounted) would do more for me as part of my general watch kitty.



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          without getting too far into it...

          I've looked at producing something similar, and either his profit margins are crazy high, or his administrative costs are. Understandable - everybody's gotta make a buck. Just not my buck.



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            How do you get your watches in there so neatly? Mine ride up and the foam deforms all over the place.

            “Tis with our judgements as our watches:
            None go just alike, yet each believes his own.”
            Alexander Pope (1688 - 1744)

            Either he's dead or my watch has stopped.
            - Groucho Marx


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              Thanks *murph*, for emailing me the link to this post.....

     I otherwise wouldn't have stumbled across it. I wanted to allow the designer of the TimeTote, my friend Michael, to reply to your criticism. So, I'm including his answer below. Thanks again for the opportunity to discuss the "worthiness" of the TimeTote Timepiece Travel Attache:

              Hello fellow horology lovers. My name is Michael Sanders, and I am the designer of the Time Tote Travel Attaché. I was notified that there has been some discussion as to the cost of our attaché, and how it resembles other cases out there. First off, let me assure you that there are several differences, and if you allow me a few minutes of your time, I will explain a few of them.

              Competitors Foam: The initial difference people notice is the quality of the foam. The basic foam used by competitors is foam coined the pick & pluck. This foam has a tendency to deform with use. This allows more movement of the timepieces, and the potential for damage. The competitor’s foam also has a deterioration factor, which over time causes it to loose its protective qualities. Also, while the cases are water resistant, the foam is not antibacterial. There is a potential for bacteria to grow in the foam, and move over to the timepieces being stored in it. Due to the nature of the pick & pluck design, it tends to rip and tear with some ease.

              Time Tote Travel Attaché Foam: The foam we use is the same foam typically used in both the medical industry, as well as the military. It has superior memory recovery, impact resistance, tensile strength, and tear strength. Our foam is cut using a high precision water jet machine (~$250,000 machine). It also has precision cut timepiece cuffs to place your treasures on. Our foam has roughly 3 times the density, and over 8 times the tensile strength of competitor’s foam. It also has almost 13 times the tear resistance. It resists water, compared to the sponge-like qualities of the competitor.

              Competitors Case: It uses a polypropylene and/or ABS plastic case, which tend to have small air bubble throughout the center of the case. This lends itself to more damage in a sharp impact. The latches are friction fit, and narrow in size. Due to these factors; it can be a “pain” to open, literally. I’ve sliced my knuckle open on this style more than once. The competition’s case (of comparable size) has a hard polypropylene and/or ABS plastic handle, which is uncomfortable to carry for longer periods of time.

              Time Tote Travel Attaché Case: Our case uses high performance resin, providing better impact resistance, and keeps the case lightweight. Our latches use a wide push button release for easy “pain free” operation. The handles on our case use a durable inner core with a soft overlay, which allows for extended comfort.

              Time Tote Travel Attaché Tools & Labels: The spring bar tool is of a quality, all metal design, as is the Swiss made screwdriver. Even the label is “heavy duty”; it’s a Lexan polycarbonate resin thermoplastic.

              I am very familiar with the competitors foam, as that was what I used in my original prototype, but through use, I discovered it did not provide the protection or longevity I was wanting. That was the driving force that started this project; and when you look at an average Rolex service approaching $400 (from an AD), or a Patek Philippe service at $900, is it worth risking your collection to an inferior product? I’m a fellow collector, and have a true passion my collection.

              I hope this helps to shed some light on the cost differences. When carrying my beloved timepieces, I won’t compromise, which is why I used the highest quality materials I could get my hands on. I’m sure many would agree.

              Thank you for allowing me to share with you the details of our product, and I welcome any constructive questions or comments. I can be reached at (I’m a little slow to respond, so thank you for your patience).


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                Originally posted by magnetmandan View Post
                Even the label is “heavy duty”;
                Sorry, I got a chuckle at this statement.

                magnetmandan, Please don't take it to imply that your prodcut
                is in anyway inferior, I just couldn't help.

                Peace: For Real,
                I glance at my wrist more often just to look at my RADO than to see what time it is.



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                  Chuckles are good......

                  Originally posted by Bujumon View Post
                  Sorry, I got a chuckle at this statement.

                  magnetmandan, Please don't take it to imply that your prodcut
                  is in anyway inferior, I just couldn't help.

                  Peace: For Real,
                  Hi Scott,
                  No need to be sorry....shows that at least you took the time to read it. If we could chuckle at at least half of what life throws at us, we'd all be in a much better place.

                  Michael's intentions for mentioning the label being "heavy duty" were to point out that nothing was spared in the design and production of this case. A cheap, paper-thin label would surely peel off over time, probably sooner than later. Didn't want to have the owner have to finish ripping off a half-peeled sticker. Either put a "heavy duty" label on, or don't put one on at all.

                  And for those of you that think a label on the outside of a case would advertise something worth stealing, think about what you wear on your wrist--if you have a Rolex, Panerai or Patek, you are vulnerable to a muggin' just the same. Those who have some money invested in their timepieces aren't going to let this case sit on the passenger seat of their car.

                  Anyways, this case, by no means, is for everyone. I think the market knows who is best suited to invest in a product such as the TimeTote. The orders and subsequent sales have already proven to be right on the money with our initial targeted market projections. But remember, even 6 $500 watches protected in a TimeTote justifies the expense for many watch enthusiasts.

                  Thanks for letting me post :-)

                  Cheers everyone!
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