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Greetings EOTians....

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  • Greetings EOTians....

    from sunny colorado!

    This is the first time that our family has had spring break week all at the same time, so we are spending a few days skiing.

    they have had some good snow and although I don't know the actual number, there is a heck of a base here now. should be fun.

    seven adults and four kids ranging from ages 6-72. We just checked in and are trying to find some gear to rent.

    I hope my sanity stays intact.

    I'll try to take some pics for the return trip, but fo now, it is just me and my trusty U1 for a few days.

    "most things are NOS for a reason"

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    Sweet mountain. I would love to be there with you. I miss living in the Rockies.

    "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." Albert Einstein


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      Not sure where you are staying...

      but we used these guys is Utah and they were really great. Door to door service, good equip and they will swap out stuff immediately if there is a fit prob. They work with a bunch of diff resorts.
      Joe Marino


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        That is pretty. Enjoy yourself.


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          What fun....

          I can never seem to get everyone's schedules together well enough to take a whole bunch of people anywhere. Congratulations! Have fun.


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            That's who we used! We didn't pre-register equipment and everyone here was sold/rented out. The service and convenience was well worth the added expense. (The equipment was nicer too)

            Today was awesome with thick powder everwhere. It was snowing nearly all day. I'm hopeful for at least one day of sunshine before the week is out.
            "most things are NOS for a reason"


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              i think you had great time skiing but you explore many thing by traveling to different skiing places