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LANCO? can you tell me something more about this brand?

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    Nah.. I think I´ll pass on this one..
    I like that no-lugs design, but somehow doesn´t make me smile. Not a watch you´d want looking at quite often.. And lack of impermeability makes me even more cold. If there wasn´t this fact, I´d concider it. Just in case.

    Thanks on these remarks though..

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      I have in my possession an old ladies watch from my mother which had to be repaired (quartz movement put in as no mechanical movements could be found) Its an oblong watch,says 'Langendorf' across the top, Swiss made, second hand dial not working, gold hallmarked case. Does it have any value?


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        Lanco watch

        I have a Lanco windup with #426 on the back and waterproof/shatterproof written on the front. Can anyone tell me anything about this watch such as age/value/etc?



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          On the 'bay today and had some questions - this was very helpful. Thanks!

          Originally posted by bigmainecoone View Post
          So sorry, but as i am a Lanco fan this is gonna be long

          So here is my latest state of mistake:

          Founded in the swiss village Langendorf in 1842 by the Kottmann family originally as a plant for chicory products. Yes, you're reading right. Chicory was then used for making a coffee substrate because pure coffee was too expensive. Especially in the watch manufactures that spent lots of money on coffee and tea keeping their employees running. In Germany we remember this from WW I on, calling bad weak coffee "mucke****" which earlier was the name for chicory "coffee".

          With this link to the watch industry and some interest in watches as well Karl Kottmann changed the business in producing ebauches in 1872. 1873 Langendorf Ebauches S.A. was founded, creating about 80 jobs. The company wasn't running very well. The hard working and very poor Solothurn farming people were mostly addicted to alcohol and thus came late, didn't show at work or weren't able to adopt the techniques of watchmaking. So about 1880 the company was facing ruin. Hans Kottmann as a wealthy and social engaged entrepreneur (his family was doing the other swiss classic - trading goods all over the world) built flats for his employees and started giving them real education with the help of professionals from the Neuchâtel area. This paid off, and at the end of the 1880s Langendorf was the biggest watch company of the world. All major companies from the Neuchâtel area were ordering parts and ebauches, but in 1890 Kottmann died, and with him the unceompeted drive for success. His chief technician became leader of the company changing it's name to Langendorf Watch Co. (Lanco). 1902 one of Kottmann's sons took over and business was running perfect. In 1964 the principle of one leading family member was broken, after an accident of Dr. Hans Kottmann. The company was lead by a family gremium, mismanagement lead to join SGU AG in 1965. And with the "electroshock", Lanco was bought buy Omega-Tissot Group in 1971 and 1973 put down production. As far as i know there were Lanco labelled Chronos produced until 1977 - under the reign of Omega using Landeron & Valjoux calibres. And - Omega used the name of Lanco for trying about LED/quartz watches.

          Remarkable watches: all pocket watches, bearing either own calibres or joint ventures between Lanco and A. Michel S.A. Rare WW I officer's trench watches (early wristwatches). Alarm pocket watches that could be used as a desk alarm (special covers usable as a stand). And the maybe best known Lanco, the LancoFon, a direct competitor to the Vulcain Cricket.

          Good ones of the 50ies and 60ies have the 12 or 13 lined movements, the "qualité exceptionelle" in chronometer standards. Even some DUROWE calibres have Lanco design & layout. The Lanco 9XX movements of the 30ies and 40ies are very nice and smooth running and were used in army watches as well.

          And if you happen to see a Lanco Digit - grab it! This will be an investment.


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            Here's mine ...............

            "So Many Watches / So Little Time"


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              That is awesome! Have you any movement shots?