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New here - Rado watches for sale

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  • New here - Rado watches for sale

    Hi - new to the forum. Have some Rado watches to sell. Best place to start? Thanks.

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    Hello and welcome.
    We have a Rado Exchange, which is our on-line market where members can offer watches for sale. I suggest you post your offerings there.

    Unfortunately, there is a software glitch which causes older posts to become hidden, so it looks like there is no activity there. However, if you choose the Filter drop-down menu, and select All Time, you will see the posts.
    Good luck!


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      Thank you for your response. Is there someone in your group that would be able to give an appraisal based on photos?


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        Hi Linda! I would suggest you eBay


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          Hello Linda. Over the internet appraisals from pictures are tricky things. At best we can only give a guess at what something is worth based on it's physical appearance.Even if it looks to be in really good condition we do not know if it has been serviced regularly, so we would take that into account. Any figures we give would be ballpark figures at best and may not reflect what someone may want to pay for it. As Azu says your best bet is probably ebay. Check comparable completed listings on ebay and that should give you a fair idea of what the market is willing to pay and it may also be your best bet for selling as well.

          Having said that I think we might all be interested in seeing what you have to sell. If you have some uncommon pieces we may be able to help give a fair value.
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            Thank you for your responses. I understand what you are saying. Ill give it some thought and perhaps post on your exchange forum and see what transpires. Thanks again.


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              Sorry for the delay - here are the watches I have.

              They were all obtained new way back when; one owner.
              I have no knowledge of service or repairs along the way.
              It has been suggested that the mens Captain Cook
              had the crystal and crown replaced.
              I am open to comments, suggestions, or offers. Thank you.

              Last edited by Linda; 04-19-2019, 01:43 AM. Reason: Adding photo.


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                Hi photo is visible. Do you need some help posting images?