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  • CC Mk 11 crystal

    I thought I'd start a new thread rather than bury this post in the original post below. Tim's MMFF:
    Here's a comparison photo of Henry's CC Mk 11 crystal and mine which is an original NOS CC Mk 11 crystal. Henry's is on the left.

    The differences are obvious. Also, the opaqueness/milkyness of the sides of Henry's crystal indicates it has been ground down, i.e., modified, to fit the case. It has been ground down very unevenly also.
    But the clearest indication is the metal surround around the internal bezel is visible in Henry's CC Mk 11

    It should be like this

    The complex slope on the side of the original CC Mk 11 crystal was to hide the metal surround.
    Also, the original crystal on the CC Mk 11 was a proper dive crystal, said by Rado to give a WR of 75 atmospheres. The crystal on the CC Mk 1 also had a specific dive crystal.

    As we know, Rado watches are one of the most frankened watches out there. The crystal is one of the most common modifications, often with an incorrect crystal as the originals are almost impossible to obtain. I was lucky very early on to obtain NOS crystals still in unopened plastic which I have been using in my watches. This CC Mk11 is my favourite Rado. I purchased numerous examples early on in my collecting (when they were unloved and very cheap) and have pulled apart many of them to see how they work. Even found one with a large flat 2 seahorses back.
    In my estimation, nearly all of the latest offerings on Ebay and other sites of the CC Mk 1 and 11 have incorrect replaced crystals.
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    Great and helpful info as usual Ken. Thanks. As I mentioned, if you do get around to looking and do find a proper crystal I'd gladly buy it from you.

    As to your other suggestion that I buy a sapphire crystal from Rado, that's unlikely. The new CC is just under $2800. Even if Rado would sell me a crystal, I'll bet you it would be more than four times the cost of the watch I bought. And I'd still have a watch that was neither correct nor waterproof. I'd be better off trying for that one on ebay that is currently $350 US. It's got a proper crystal, nicer bracelet and clean dial/hands, and using those parts. That's got two days to go and converted to Canadian it's already almost $500 which would make my CC MkII over $600 Canadian. More than I care to spend on an original Mk II, unless I managed to score a mint example for that price. I bought this one cheaply and with the knowledge there were parts of it that were "odd" anyway, so until I find an original crystal this one will likely stay.
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      Thanks for this info Ken. I hadn't given much thought to the crystal on CC MkIIs, but was aware that the model is more complex than one would think.