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Opinion : Rado Golden Horse 1960s

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  • Opinion : Rado Golden Horse 1960s

    Hi Guys,

    Nice to meet you all.
    I am located in Seoul and on the hunt for Vintage Watches and happen to come quite some Rado models as well.

    I foundt this beauty today.
    Golden Horse from the 60s as the Seller said.
    Did not look into the case and the movement which I should have done...
    Does this model exist in this silver gold combo?

    Thanks for letting me know.

    Cheers & Best Regards from Seoul,

    Rado Golden Horse

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    GH forum.jpg


    From the asymmetric date window and the dial design, I assume itīs late 1950s.

    Iīve never seen original ones with SS case and GP hand/markers/date window.
    IMHO itīs either another case or the gold plating has been removed by polishing.
    A pic from the back would be interesting to see the reference number.
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    Best regards, Mike


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      Hi Mike & thanks for your reply,

      Yeah, I should have asked to open the back case for detailed info. Also could not find this configuration when I was looking for it so I was a bit suspicious. Gotta go back I guess at some point and ask for it.

      How much does this model usually run for? 200 to 400USD?