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Which model is it? Is it Fake?

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  • Which model is it? Is it Fake?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here, i dont know much of rado. Yesterday my mother gave me this watch, i think this is from my grandfather. I suppose that my grandpa gave this to my mom about 5 years ago before he died, and it still work. I would like to ask you guys, which model of rado is this? And is it fake or not?

    Thank you

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    Hello and welcome. That is exactly what it says on the dial. It is an authentic Rado Conway. The reference number on the back means the case is from late sixties and the appearance of the dial suggests it was assembled in the late sixties, or possibly as late as the early seventies.
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      Hi & welcome!

      I completely agree with Henry.
      The case is made in Fareast (Hongkong), to see from the 4-digit reference number (1004).
      The first one I see with this reference, the next one in my register is 1008, also a Conway.
      Inside should be an ETA 2789 day/date, so 1969 - 1972 should be correct.

      Best regards, Mike


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        Wow thank you very much Henry and Mike thats really help me.