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haven't logged in in quite a while ..

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  • haven't logged in in quite a while ..

    I've been in the Philippines over 2 years now (came here at the end of July 2016) and while I haven't lost my interest in watches, I am not actively collecting either - I left most of my collection in Malta when I moved over and the combination of not having spare cash to spend and the horrible Philippines postal service has put me off buying anything for now.

    I noticed Henry's like on one of my Facebook posts and since I happen to be wearing a Rado today too came in to say hello.

    The Rado i'm wearing is a Golden Horse Quartz .. they're not common but not particularly valuable either - I think it's a really nice watch. It's on the original bracelet. Quite a bit lighter than both the old GH watches and the 2007 automatic re-issue.

    I am noticing that most of the forum posts seem to be gone .. have they been archived somewhere? There was a lot of valuable information there built up over the years.


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    Hi Dave, good to see you back. To get all the posts back see below.

    Drop the filter down.

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    Select all time.

    Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 6.17.51 PM.png

    And voila!

    Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 6.18.35 PM.png


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      Hi Dave! As Tim has shown, all the info is still here. Threads I couldn't find after that big hack a couple of years ago are even back. I think it's a touch harder to find than on the old platform, but it can be found.

      I love your quartz horse. I have been casually looking for just the right one at just the right price for more than a few years.
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        Hi Dave, good to hear from you, I too like the GHQ.

        Im not a fan of the new platform, find it far less user friendly, particularly on the iPhone.
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          Hi Dave!

          Nice to hear from you! Hope your family and you are alright.
          Indeed a nice watch, the GH Quartz - the classical design in a modern interpretation.
          Had missed it on FB - but FB-feeds have their own rules.

          BTW, Im also not a friend of the new forum software.
          Cant see absolutely nothing having become better than before.
          Best regards, Mike