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Today's lesson: Vintage FrankenRado 101

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  • Today's lesson: Vintage FrankenRado 101

    A friend of mine warns never to buy from Argentina--he claims too many watches are fraudulent.
    I've only done it once, with the help of a colleague in Buenos Aires, and we were successful (a Diastar 515 tiger-eye).

    This one makes me wonder.


    Certainly, the rotor raises questions. I think all Jubilar watches were cased in gold, so this one is suspect from that perspective.

    Also, here is a Jubilar rotor which I believe to be authentic:

    Other things are not right--dial printing is different than those of thar era, the case has no Rado markings and apparently an incorrect crown, it is a steel case but the markers are gold (generally not done by Rado).
    I think we can file this one under "FrankenRado." Simply stated, if you're seeking the elusive Jubilar model, keep looking.

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    Brad i hadnt heard about Argentina, i knew to avoid India and Pakistan, are there any other hotspots?
    The problem is of course that im seeing low priced stuff like the Favre Leuba's that were sold by the Ton in India back in the day which have been re-vamped and sold cheap as chips on ebay are being snapped up by enterprising folk over here and sold on at five times the price so the lines are becoming blurred because these Frankens have spread far and wide, so its every man for himself.


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      One of the famous "all-mixed-up"-models.
      Rado didnīt use cases with press-down-back at that time.
      Dial and hands look like those on one of my GP ones from that time.
      A Jubilar had a 14 kt gold case - and Jubilar on the dial.
      The rotor could be from a Jubilar - but not GP and not in this condition,
      your pic shows the older version with R-line marks.
      And yes, South America also has Dr. Frankensteins.
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