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  • Photo test

    I'm testing an old iPhone 4 to see if Safari is a problem with that ios.

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    Ok, so that's a direct upload using Safari on iPhone 4, it took a little while to do cause the screen is small but the photo size is fine, even if the focus leaves a bit to be desired. Does any one have an iPhone 6 they could use to upload direct to this thread, so we can compare? I'm posting this thread in response to a photo size problem (too small) some members are experiencing when using iPhone (6) and iPad to upload photos to this forum, any input would be greatly appreciated.
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      This is with my iphone6. No editing or anything.E7E8ED3B-D995-4CC7-9386-CA3BF6D2324F.jpg


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        Originally posted by jethrobodine View Post
        This is with my iphone6. No editing or anything.[ATTACH=CONFIG]23995[/ATTACH]
        Damn Kevin, that's a real nuisance. The only resolution you can change is the video part of the camera. I suppose you could try setting that at the highest and see if that has any effect.

        P.S. Found this, it might help.

        Q:iPhone pictures do not seem to be high resolution- can I change settings?


        I am at the beach. I have my iphone and my DSLR. When I am taking pictures with my iphone they do not seem to be high resolution. The tones do not gradually change and when the pictures enlarge (on my phone) they seem somewhat pixelated. When I email them 'actual size' they are around 600-800kb which seems small to me.

        Is this normal or has a setting been changed on my phone? I have never used the iPhone for its camera but has always read great things about it. It seems like I must be doing something wrong.

        Thanks in advance

        Ralph Landry1Level 8 (41782 points)

        by Ralph Landry1 Mar 4, 2014 6:15 AM in response to pensncrows
        The only other settings I can find are in Settings > Photos and Camera to turn the Grid on and off, and how HDR saves the image (the combined or both combined and base) in Photos.

        You should definitely be having much larger image files with that iPhone.

        Only thing I can think of is take it to an Apple store genius bar and see why it is taking such low content photos.

        pensncrowsLevel 1 (6 points)

        by pensncrows Mar 22, 2015 9:47 AM in response to natasha-ann
        I did. It ends up that I had accidentally turned on a photo filter on the bottom of the screen. I didn't even realize that there were photo filters at the time. Once I turn the filter off I got my resolution back. Try that and see if it helps. Best wishes.

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