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  • SK Bracelet Repair

    This SK bracelet has a loose link. I have not taken one of these apart before but suspect there is a small sprung pin missing. Is there a single pin that runs through the link (and this one is broke at one end) or is it a small pin at each end? Can someone confirm what the part looks like and does anyone have a spare?

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    On the ones I've worked on those links have a small pin at either end, its only the adjustment link pins that are spring loaded or run right through. I think you will need to drill the hole out and insert a pin from the outside then file it down and polish it.
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      I agree, thatīs the only way I see.
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        Depends on how deep that hole is? If it's deep enough you could insert one of the spring loaded link pins in there and compress it with an awl and slip the link over it till it pops in. Assuming there is a hole on the inside of the outer link? If it's not deep enough, I bet you could shorten the pin with a Drexel until you get it short enough to fit. It would be permanent but you're not going to need to take it apart at that spot anyway. I've done this before and it worked for me.