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What other models share the NCC format?

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  • What other models share the NCC format?

    I'm starting this thread in response to a question from Futura. I know there aren't many, the 515 is an obvious one and as I said in his thread I'm pretty sure I've seen a Trident or maybe it was a Frigate, anyway it would be good if those who know could share.
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    Pretty sure the Musketeer vii and viii
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      Thanks mate, that's probably what it was, a Musketeer. Wish I'd have made a bid when I look back, pretty rare I would think.
      Edit: The V111 for sure, haven't found a V11 that compares. The V111's like a 505 with rounded edges.

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        I don't have a blue one, but have these. Especially like the green one, it's almost neon in the sun.IMG_0206.jpg


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          The green Musketeer is amazing!!


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            Those Musketeers do for sure.
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              That's an impressive collection of Muketeer V111's Kevin.


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                New Case Construction

                NCC - "New Case Construction" was also used at the DiaStar 515, the "TC-brother" of the NCC 505, as well as on the derivates
                under other branding as Certina, Mido, ... .

                Certina DS 515 a.jpg

                Certina DS 515 b.jpg

                Some Musketeers, as alredy mentioned.
                And a lot of Quartz-DiaStars of the 1980s, up to the 1990s use this case construction.

                Are there still Rado models of today using this construction or does anybody know when they stopped using it?
                Best regards, Mike


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                  I found out that even with the similar case shapes, the case screws for the NCC 505 and Diastars 515 aren't the same. The 515's are over twice as long.