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New Arrivals - NCC-505 and Berg

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  • New Arrivals - NCC-505 and Berg

    Hello all

    I just received two new arrivals

    The 505 is part of my new found quest to "collect them all" from the NCC range and looks great.


    Though, it is now very obvious what is missing in my life.


    The Berg was brought on a whim from my wife, though, i think she might find it too small and it might end up on the 'bay. The facets in the crystal on the watch are amazing and discreet at the same time. What sort of timeframe were these available?




    PS Obviously I don't have Henry's (or most others here) photographic skills

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    The 505 looks nice. The case could do with a little refinishing but that's quite simple to do as long as the edges are sharp.
    Good luck on your quest. As I said elsewhere, you shouldn't have a huge problem finding a 303 but the 202 is more of a challenge.
    This is my NCC family:

    NCC Family 2.jpg


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      Where's the 515?


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        Nice 505, the dial, hands and chapter ring are in good nick and the cases aren't too hard to rescue so I think you'll have a good result. I would think the Berg would date to maybe somewhere between '72 and '75. If you are able to open the case back there'll be 3 digit date code on the movement i.e. 309, which would equate to September '73. We surmise that's the movement assembly date, so the watch should date to around sometime within a year of that date.


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          Originally posted by Tim. View Post
          Where's the 515?
          The 515 is a Diastar, not an NCC...


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            Originally posted by scottjc View Post
            The 515 is a Diastar, not an NCC...
            Hmm.......debatable. Isn't it both? Along with some other models that share the NCC format but don't print it on the dial.
            Looks like an NCC from this angle.
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              What other models share the NCC format?


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                I'm pretty sure I've seen one of the tridents that does and there is others, one of the more senior members will know if they pick up on this. But why don't we just start a thread! Isn't that what we're here for?
                Edit: There's now a " What other models share the NCC format" thread ,so reply there.
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                  Thanks Tim

                  Would that number come from the 312 on the rotor or the really small 2651 at the top of the movement?



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                    Ok, this is a new one on me. The date code has usually been below the bridge near the balance wheel, however it's hard to imagine that 312 will mean other than December '73 and I can't see clearly where the 2651 is stamped so it's hard to say if that's an ETA or Rado cal number, normally the ETA cal is under the balance wheel. I'll find a photo to illustrate.
                    Edit: Ok so here's an example from a Diastar 1 chronometer. You can see from left to right, 2797 (Rado cal), above that 9628 ( Chronometer number), 408 ( the date code) and under the balance wheel 2783 ( ETA cal). In any case this is interesting because we now have another example of the fickle nature of Rado, in the absence of the three digit code anywhere else I'm sure this is the date code on your rotor. Can you see a 4 digit number under the balance wheel? Is it possible to post a clearer close up of the movement?
                    20170426_131319 (1).jpg
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                      In the blue hexagon is where i found the 2651, though, it is so tiny that even at 25* it is really difficult to read


                      I can also see K128081 on the case back


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                        No number under the balance wheel? The K number will be a case number.
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                          Thats the only number on the movement.....

                          This watch is tiny so there is no room for a number under the balance wheel


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                            I have a ladies movement of the same caliber, there is much less room for numbers on them than there is on the men's movements. I will have to check where the date code is on it after I get home from the weekend, I don't remember it being on the rotor though. I do have a men's Conway 10 that has a 3 digit code on the rotor however.


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                              All of the ladies´ Rados I own have a caliber number on the balance wheel, but hardly visible
                              and sometimes covered by the balance wheel.
                              The 312 makes sense IMHO.

                              Nice NCC 505, by the way!
                              I finally should finish my NCC 505 project.
                              Best regards, Mike