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    Originally posted by horimachitokei View Post
    Finally I got this RADO.

    Earlier, once I wrote to this thread, I can not write to this forum.

    Did I violate any of the terms and conditions?
    My previous name was cantagiro2008.

    I'm not good at English.
    I can not reply.

    I think that the cause is that I can not reply.
    おめでとうございます。修復に非常に積極的です。以前のユーザー名がどうなったのかわかりません。モデレー ターまたは管理者の1人があなたの投稿を見たときにそれを整理できることを願っています。ユーザー名の問題 が発生した場合は、お問い合わせいただきありがとうございます。私たちはあなたがここで定期的にあなたに会 えることを望みます、そしてここでの議論へのあなたの貢献は大いに感謝されるでしょう。ご希望の場合は日本 語でご返信ください。あるいは、Googleを使って翻訳することもできます。

    Congratulations!. Great work on the restoration. I don't know what happened with your previous user name, hopefully one of the moderators or administrators can sort that out for you when they see your post. Thank you for getting back in touch even after the user name problem. I hope we'll see you here on a regular basis, your contribution to the discussions here would be greatly appreciated. If you like, reply in Japanese or you can use Google to translate.
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      Welcome back!

      I love your watch-blog and found a lot of interesting pics and a useful information there.

      As Tim already wrote, maybe the admins can state about your problems with the log in.
      Probably it has to do with the new forum software.

      Nice Balboa and nice work!
      Best regards, Mike


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        Welcome back. I think all of us here have visited your blog at some time and marvelled at your watches.