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Diastar 8/1 back after 4 years!

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  • Diastar 8/1 back after 4 years!

    Hi gang! Well its been 4 years since I came here and signed up. Seem like the threads are still alive and kicking. Been back from time to time but nothing to post so just as guest. Still have my 8/1 and getting ready finally to fix it. My 8/1 has an original ETA 2789 but its trash from moisture due to lack of case gasket. It was that way when I bought it. Surfing EB last month a found a NOS private name watch with a 2789 movement. Getting ready to do open heart on mine.

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    After 4 years I decided it was time to get with it. I took my Diastar 8/1 to a jewelers that I finally found that even did watch repair. All most all of them just want to sell new stuff and quartz at that. Got a quote for $350.00 to service and overhaul. Not likely. told them thanks but no thanks. Located a new bare movement at Frei and Borel for $96.00+SH. Last month found listing for a private label NOS watch with a ETA 2789 movement. Rhodium finish and plain rotor. Ebay, $49.00! I bought 2 of them. So now I will do open heart surgery on mine so I can wear it, finally! The seller still has 2 listed for sale. I don't want to restore back to new just to wear and bragging rights! tacky huh!! Waned a Rado Diastar since mid 1980's. My boss at the jewelry store had one but wouldn't sell it.


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      I haven't showed up here for a long time but always checked back to see what everyone was up to. Nice being signed in again.


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        Welcome back! I look forwqrd to hearing about progess with the DS!
        Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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          Thanks. I should get started this next weekend with lots of pics.


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            im pretty curious ... hope to see your DS 8/1 pics next weekend.