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further update on vintage dial ceramos D-star and D-Star dilemma

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  • further update on vintage dial ceramos D-star and D-Star dilemma

    Hi Again all,

    Further to my email about the elusive d-star with 515 hands (scans attached) and vintage dial, Rado replied,
    and told me this model is available to order, at least in Europe, although they have yet to deliver a single one to the UK or Bulgaria.

    I now have to decide which D-star to get, this one, only available as 42mm Ceramos and SS
    or Henry's 42mm (i think the 38.2 will be too small and my Omega AT 8500 is 38.5 so that size is too similar) all black Ceramic?

    Both are about the same price, as the Ceramos vintage dial is a special model and thus almost as expensive as the all HTC D-star.

    How would you all advise me? I'd appreciate any input on the comparative weight of each piece and general input.

    here is the link again to the vintage dialed d-star:

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'm sure I am as partial to my Ceramos white dialed 42mm D-Star as Henry is to his 42mm black ceramic special edition D-Star. The only common is the 42mm size. If there is no major price difference I would go with the Ceramos simply because that compbination will more likely be everyday wearable, moreso than the black and gold ceramic.

    Besides, it has that cool vintage appearing dial, and anytime Rado invokes their history and heritage it is a good thing
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      I think you are making the right decision going for the larger size. The watch is sleek and despite the dial size wears "small".

      As to which model to choose I couldn't say. I think if Sucram could have a black ceramic one as well as his Ceramos D-Star, he'd take it. I would take a Ceramos/ steel one as well as my black one in a heartbeat. Sucram is probably right in saying the Ceramos/ steel one is a better daily wear, but my black one looks so sporty that I don't have much trouble wearing it with anything. Of course I wear gold watches too, so maybe that's just me.

      That special edition dial/ hands combo is something though. Do you know if the movement of that one has the anchor shaped winding rotor like mine or the regular rotor like Sucram's?

      If the special edition has this winding rotor I'd grab it.

      As for weight mine weighs in at 127gm sized for my wrist. That is ten grams lighter than my Diastar XL which is a considerably smaller watch. The balance of the ceramic D-Star is different than any of my other watches as the weight is concentrated at the movement, but after about two minutes I found it very comfortable.

      If you haven't had a ceramic/ Ceramos watch before I suspect you will be pleased with either choice once you receive it; the comfort of them is unmatched.

      Please let us know which one you get and post some photos of it, especially if you buy the 515 dial version. Did you see this thread?

      Check out the hands...
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        Thanks for your do you find the weight of the ceramos?



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          Thanks Henry...

          I would think the Ceramos model has the rhodium movement,
          though i don't know if the rotor is the anchor or not - the regular ceramos isn't,

          but the 515 hands model is more expensive and almost as much as your HTC d-star, so maybe it's got a more special movement in terms of decoration?

          Who knows eh?

          I'm still conflicted though, I will go and see your d-star soon, and that will give me some idea.

          The only issue I have with the ceramos is that it's maybe a little too similar to my Omega AT: both black dial and date wheel, both a similar size, and both steel in colour.

          The HTC d-star is something a little different, and thats a good thing- but again, that 515 dial...


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            a question for Sucram: how heavy is the ceramos model?

            also is the steel bracelet just plain 316L or does it have some sort of scratch resistant treatment-

            btw thanks again both of you for all your help



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              it i just the 316L which I presume is the common alloy used in watches. Sized for my wrist my watch is 149.0 gms. most of the difference in weight I would attribute to the SS vs ceramic bracelet. Though I would not remotely call the D-star a heavy watch. my Diastar XL diver is over 210 gms and I don't even want to weigh my Seiko FrankenMonster on the 4mm SS mesh bracelet.

              Rarity of the model might play into your decision, how many of the black ceramic versions are planned vs. how many of the 515 SE dialed are going to be produced. Nt that rarily guarentees resale value but I should help a bit if resale value is something you are considering.
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                Weight Watchers

                Just for compare - my old Certina DiaMaster/DiaStar 515 has 110 g incl. steel bracelet for a 21,5 cm wrist, the Louis Rossel with TC-case 104 g. 127 and 149 g donīt seem to be too much for a 42 mm watch - but the 210 g for the DS Diver XL are stunning. Watch and barbell in one?
                BTW, I would choose this one:

                But you have to wear it.
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                  Thank you all for your input...

                  ...I'll keep you updated about the purchase