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What Rado this is...fake or not?

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  • What Rado this is...fake or not?

    Is this genuine Rado Jubile with ceramic bracelet? Serial number seems to be 1372811523085, other textes on back case are Rado Jubile, swiss, sapphire glass, watersealed 3atm and tungsten steel.

    It could be nice to know age and some value.
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    There are some very good fakes out there. That seems to have an awful lot of numbers for an authentic Rado, but I could be wrong. The best way to tell if it is authentic or not is to open the back. IF the movement does not say Rado, it is not authentic. As for value, the best way to tell what it is worth is to check something like ebay and see what similar models are selling for.

    Good luck.
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      Yes, i'll open it. The previous owner of this watch was Ceo I well know, and it would be stange if he had had fake watch.