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    That is one of the pieces I'm still interested on, and yours looks great!


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      Originally posted by mike184 View Post
      Just a matter of how much money you have or want to handle - there are two Longines Master chronos in the bay at the moment. Buy one and resell it with another band. With a little luck, you get the band cheap at last.
      Trust me, Mike, I have thought about doing this already! If I could find one near the right price, it would be worth it!

      Since Mike shared his photos, I should share a few photos of a close relative, my Certina Chronolympic:



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        Hi Daniel!

        Thanx for sharing, the Certina Chronolympic looks great!
        It´s the same Chrono with Certina outfit, so we have 4 versions now: Rado, Mido, Longines(Master) and Certina(Chronolympic). What comes next, a Technos version?
        You have to know that all those 5 companies - Rado, Certina, Mido, Longines and Technos - had been under one roof at that time, owned by the GWC(General Watch Co.), a holding of the ASUAG - which later merged with the SSIH to the ASUAG/SSIH, later SMH, today´s Swatch Group.
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        Best regards, Mike


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          They all use that same case, marked '674', I believe.

          I do not know whether the bracelet on the watch I owned is the original. I suspect it is, though a couple links are not original. They look quite right from the top, but a profile view shows slightly different construction.
          Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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            Here is a little trivia: The bracelets I put on both watches are from the Mido Acapulco. It is a very nice Stellux solid-link bracelet with end-links that, with a little bending, fit both watches perfectly. A few weeks ago, a friend in the Netherlands (who knows I am searching for the Rado-style bracelet) bought a Certina diver with... The same Stellux bracelet! I find it interesting to learn how so many companies used the same pieces.


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              Spotted today:

              Shows its age, and the price is perhaps a little high. But it's very hard to find.
              Unfortunately, it has a 27-jewel V7750, whereas Rado used the 25-jewel version in the same case.

              Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon