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    My uncle heard I was “into” watches so he recently gave me the watch on the right (next to my SD for scale). He said he bought new for around $50 when he was in the Navy back in 1954 on the island of Kwajalein. He thought it came with a tan leather strap that quickly rotted away. It had the remnants of a generic twist-o-flex bracelet on it with one spring bar missing when I got it. He said some small town watchmaker lost the original crown at some point as well. Model is 6022 and serial number indicates a 1953 vintage. The best part is it still keeps accurate time when wound. I plan to get it cleaned up and hopefully source a legitimate crown.

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    Now that's a nice old Oyster, my friend. 'Tis a pity they aren't exceptionally valuable, but they are a part of history. As is your story. That part's as, or more, valuable than the Oyster's monetary valuation.

    I have a story much like your uncle's. I was in-country when I bought a Submariner for about $300 from the Pacific Exchange catalog. That was a month's combat pay and a fabulously profitable poker game. I sold it when I got back because it was too expensive to have serviced. Didn't care for the poor lume, either. My Seiko was more legible at night. I took a Westclox Pocket Ben ($2 in the battalion compounds mini PX) on night ambush because it was the most visible at night.

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      Totally agree George - I love the history and the fact that my uncle wore it without regard for many years. He tapered off after the crown was lost and it lost its water resistance. Today he’s happy with his Timex. Lol. If this were a rarer/more valuable model, I’d be hesitant to do anything with it. As it is, I’m excited to get it cleaned up and on the wrist!


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        That’s just awesome! I really dig those applied markers. A little spit and shine and a new strap and you’ll be ready to rock ‘n’ roll!


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          Very cool watch and story - huge sentimental value. I would be psyched about getting it back in action too.


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            I have an old bubbleback Rolex that my Father gave me that looks similar to that one. I think he got it during WWII but I am not sure on the story. I have not found a place to service it and get it running but may not since the value is low and I would probably never wear it (way too small).
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