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  • Dagaz watch???

    Does anyone have any experience with a Dagaz watch? They make a pretty nice looking Version of a Seiko 6105 with a Seiko auto movement. But, I don't think I have heard of anyone owning one.
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    I have a Dagaz with custom dial and other touches. Doxa-style. Blue dial and a blue bezel. Iíll post a photo when Iím able later. Great pieces.


    I really dig it. Dagaz has loads of options for 'homage' type watches, but also some cool original designs, I think. Also, they make quite a few parts available for others to use for self-customisation projects. I've had this since 2012, and was the second owner. The original owner contacted me a couple years after he sold it to try buying it back, but I wasn't willing to sell. I have since put a display-back on it.
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      I had an early Dagaz custom piece, it started as a 6309 Seiko. It was very nice.


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        Yep, they do good work. I've gotten parts from them before but never a whole watch. Heard the watches were good though from guys on the SCWF a while back


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          Vince, did you look into buying a Dagaz? What's the scoop??


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            I am thinking about it. I think it looks like they are coming out with a few more series of 6105 type watches. There are also some interesting pieces by DLW. The truth is I really don't need another watch. I am in the process of modding a few knives and looking at few other knives soon to come out.
            I am living the dream in Hawaii.


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              Have purchased parts there on a few occasions. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.

              They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.