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    Hey everybody, been a while. I took a sabbatical from everything online. Been thinking of the guys here a lot lately as my 60th birthday looms, hope everyone has been well, been a lot of changes here. Here is a pic of the latest things I have been carrying. Had to drop down to smaller caliber is the handguns due to arthritis. But was able to still get some of my favorite designs for the time being.

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    Been wondering where you were. Welcome back S.L.!

    I need a new watch


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      Thank you T, been an interesting number of months. Good to see you all.
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        Likewise, Shannon. Glad to have you home.

        What's the story on the 1911? Buck grips? Caliber?

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          Good to see you Shannon! Sorry about the arthritis. Curious about the same thing George asked.


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            Good to see you back - nice tools! I am guessing the 1911 is a Browning Medallion .380.


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              Its good to be back gentlemen, been thinking a lot about the place the past bit. I think that next months birthday has me thinking about old friends a lot. And since Don passed most of my old friends are right here.

              When it became evident that shooting certain pistols and calibers were causing pain after a day at the range my doctor recommended me moving down in caliber. I found also that my old standby Makarov being a blowback was causing pain also. So, I have basically moved down for most purposes, the main exception is .357 magnum for a hunting revolver, to .380 ACP. A non-blowback design like my old favorite 1911 in .380 is easy to shoot all day, same with the .380 revolver. So after trying various .380s I found I could still manipulate the thumb safety on the Browning Black Label 1911 in .380 ACP. I happened to like it better than the Baby Rock and the new Llama Minimax both in .380. Next year might find me in the Smith and Wesson EZ without a thumb safety, who knows, but for now, I still get to enjoy my first loves, a snub revolver and the 1911 which were the handguns I learned on.

              The Black Label is 85% the size of a regular 1911. But everything else is the same. it reminds me in thinness and recoil very much of the old 1903 Colt in 32 acp, which is often regarded as one of the most carriable and shoot-able pistols extant. It also comes in a "commander" version which is 85% of the Colt Commander in size, which is very enticing and keeps calling my name. I think the commander sized version will be what the Sig P238 promises to be, but... more.

              The Taurus revolver is .380 acp and is basically the same attributes as the Browning. It is basically 75 to 85 percent the size of a comparable JFrame Smith and Wesson. Reminds me very much of one of my uncles old favorites the Smith Terrier which fired the less powerful .38 SW.

              Again, thank you for the warm welcome back.
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