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Generally, I'm a big fan of the US Postal Service.

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  • Generally, I'm a big fan of the US Postal Service.

    I think we get good service at reasonable prices, for the most part. I realize they have their detractors, but I've rarely encountered a situation that was truly a great inconvenience, or any issue that wasn't rectified to my satisfaction.

    Today, however, I question their methods.

    A watch sent to me last week from CT has now taken two journeys far beyond my location:


    In what world would this parcel need to go from D.C. to Greensboro in order to be delivered near Philly?
    What should have been a ~230-mile trip is presently going to be more than 915.

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    It occurred to me that the seller may have provided a wrong address. I'm checking on that.
    Oh man, that could turn out to be a real nuisance!


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      I had this happen once with a Christmas gift a few years back. It came to a Post Office just across the river from me, then went down to Arlington, Virginia (I joked the CIA wanted to check it before delivery), then it finally came back and was delivered the next week.

      I need a new watch


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        On the other hand...the USPS is generally not completely unavailable.
        In contrast, below is a reply from a seller. I bought a watch this past Saturday on the 'Bay and hadn't received word about a tracking number yet...

        "Serbian Post and Customs are on strike. If I do not send till Friday on Saturday I'm going to Hungary and from Budapest I will send a package on Monday."

        There's nothing like a potential 9-day delay to make one feel good about a purchase.