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  • More diving fun.

    So yesterday we did 3 dives on what we believe is the oldest wreck yet discovered in Lake Erie, off of Kelly's Island.

    This is an amusing clip of my dive partner guiding my hand to an object and my reaction. If you listen closely you can hear exactly what I'm saying through my regulator. **Caution: Contains barely intelligible foul language.

    Unfortunately there were only three of us out and someone has to run and monitor the dredge pump in a small aluminum boat topside. The video is of the first dive. I sat out the second on pump duty. On the second dive the hole led to the anchor which I partially excavated when I returned on the third dive. Also on the third dive, my partner and I felt an object which had unusually smooth undulations but was obviously man-made. (IOW, not a branch, etc.) I believe it is the key we were looking for but we'll have to wait to find out!

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    sorry, here's the link


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        Drysuits, cold murky water, dredging. Sounds like work! Have fun, but no thanks. I hope you find some good stuff!
        I am living the dream in Hawaii.


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          Thanks for sharing... and yeah it does sound work, but I know it is much more than that for you. Cheers!