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Anthony Bourdain on RGM and watchmaking...

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  • Anthony Bourdain on RGM and watchmaking...

    RGM has posted a nice tribute to the late chef. Fans of No Reservations, and other TV shows Anthony hosted, will likely enjoy the 2-minute video clip and his enthusiasm for Roland's craft.

    Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon

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    Excellent video. I liked Anthony Bourdains work, he seemed to be a very genuine person who truly cared to take the time to sit down, have you open up over a meal, and then have you tell him about the wonders you know. Living on the road for 250 days a year like he did must be an unbelievably hard life, no matter how glamorous it looks. RIP Mr Bourdain.
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      Tony was a rock star. Sadly, you donít know that the roof leaks until you live in the house. I would never judge another man. I canít imagine the demons that drove him to take his own life. He will be terribly missed.



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        I don't get too broken up about most celebrity deaths but this one does make me sad. His shows were enjoyable and informative.

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