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Orient saturation diver review and vs marine master

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  • Orient saturation diver review and vs marine master

    So after receiving this Orient for a incredible Black Friday deal with what I think what was a amazing price I just can't believe how it stacks up against
    the legend Marine Master. The Orient comes with the standard watch box, paper work, rubber strap, warranty and nice tool for changing bracelets that is not usually something that comes with watches and something I found immediately useful.
    The Saturation Diver next the Marine Master you will see the Orient is a bigger watch and is heavier also. Lets start with the crowns, I find the crown on the Orient much easier to unscrew, adjust time and date and finally secure back into place.
    Bezel action is also in my opinion better from the Orient. The Orient is stiffer but yet smoother at the same time where on the Marine Master it just doesn't quite measure up to the same smoothness or if it got but bumped that I feel it might click a few minutes out of the set time. Now the Marine Master is the watch I got married with so it will always stay with me so that plasticy bezel insert that annoys the crap out of me has been something I have learned to live with and again the Orients bezel insert is a huge winner over the MM.
    The Orient uses a sapphire crystal and the MM uses a hardlex, just frustrating for so many that they continue to not put in a sapphire crystal for a 2000 dollar watch. Now I had a sapphire put in mine years ago.
    The minute hand on the MM I always found aggravatingly short and had that modification done years ago you see in the photos with the different hand. Again no issues and really like the design of the Orients hands and the fact that all the indices are in place with the date put in a place that does not interfere with that.
    How the watches sit on the wrist for me is pretty much the same even though the Orient is a heavier watch. I like heavy watches on my wrist so between the two I just can't tell that much of a difference.
    Installing and removing bracelets and straps are both equally easy with the nice lug holes.
    The Indices look perfectly applied just like on the MM and no complaints from either watch on this was done.
    My watch came with a defective clasp and I am currently waiting for replacement from Orient. But I had a exact spare copy from Seiko that I could put on the bracelet.
    As expected the lume is tremendous on the Orient and the MM! Photo of the Orient below.
    Since long ago I had my MM bead blasted there is no way to give a fair evaluation of the finish between the two. But if I were to go from memory the MM fit and finish was excellent just like the Orients with a combination of brushed finish and polished sides on the case.
    The bracelets are bit different except for the clasps being the same. Each link on the orient is shorter so that makes for a slightly better fit around the wrist that my wife really likes with that watch over the MM.
    After 24 hours the MM and Orient was running plus 6 and 7 seconds.
    For me personally I think the Orient is just slightly a better all around watch in quality and with the power reserve gives it something a little special with more features to boot.

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      The Orient is very cool. I had the yellow version.

      The dial was almost gold in certain light. I liked it a lot. The one big turn-off for me
      was the goofy lug arrangement. Other than that it was very nice. The finishing, however,
      was nowhere near the quality of the marinemaster.



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        Both are pretty cool watches. Congrats.

        What is that center watch in the last picture? I had one of those once, isn't it a Citizen surf timer or something like that?

        I killed it by diving it on a 10 day dive trip in Cozumel with two 100 foot dives every day. About a month later it was lights out. I thought it was a cool watch though.
        I am living the dream in Hawaii.


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          For me an unmodified Marinemaster 300 would be hands down the winner. The Orient is of course, a worthy watch for the dollar value, but to me it just doesn't compare. Things I would change on the Orient - dump the guage on the face, and it needs a larger crown. Some like the power meter, but I really don't care for it on a divers watch. Just my opinion.

          I need a new watch


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            Very nice, not every day you see a really decent red face in a watch. Usually they look off to me, every once in a while a good one shows up.
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