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Blast from the past, RGM 300 photos.

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  • Blast from the past, RGM 300 photos.

    I took these between 2012 and 2015.

    watch splash.jpg
    watch 4.jpg
    watch glow.jpg
    Watch reef.jpg
    Grouper watch.jpg

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    Great photos, Chris. These aren't as nice, but...

    I'll play. Remember this one?


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      That watch certainly made its rounds! Back in the hey day of this forum. I did not get in on this though I was asked, because I was often away on diving jobs and did not want to seem to be a 'watch hog'. After all said and done, Tom Robb purchased the watch.

      I need a new watch


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        Here's a couple of mine.

        That's some beautiful underwater photography, Chris.

        Let me add:

        RGM300 03.jpg

        Taken on the periscope of the monument to the RNS Seraph on the grounds of the Citadel. The why of the monument is a long story.

        RGM300 02.jpg

        That's on the Citadel's seal, set into the concrete in front of Mark Clark Hall.

        Yes, i'm not that great of a photographer.

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          Great watch. Superb pics. And what a case back design. Thanks for stimulating the old memory cells.

          Best regards,



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            Chris, that is the perfect shade of blue for a diver, hyper legible!! And exactly where was I when the touring diver made its rounds? I remember it, I think I was afraid of damaging it or something


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              Chris, ahhh the memories... the why you got it back from me is still with me... did you keep it? As Kevin said, great shade of blue!


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                I still have most of my blasts from the past, I guess I am a hoarder. I will never learn my lesson with some of you guys, lol. I see how much you like a particular watch, like this RGM Chris and think, that's one he just might keep... Lol and it never happens.
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                  Well if we are going to post old stuff. Here is my review from 6 years ago....
                  I should add I have a v2 of this watch now and still love it.