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The Greatest Diver's Watch Ever Made?

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  • The Greatest Diver's Watch Ever Made?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Gauntlet has been thrown down .

    Prime and load... Open Pan... Handle Cartridge....Prime.......About! ........Draw Ramrods.... Ram down Cartridge..... Return Ramrod....Make ready... Present ! FIRE!!

    I ask the Great and Good of the EOT Dive Forum to forward their argument for the greatest Diver's watch of all time .

    Let the battle commence!

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    Maybe not 'The'....

    greatest diver's watch, but these are 'My Two' greatest divers



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      Well that was a wash-out, 57 hits and one reply... cheers Kurt, lovely watches... Does anyone else have any ideas for starting a discussion?


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        Defining the criteria for such a claim might be tougher than choosing the watch.
        I would suggest that the Submariner is the greatest one, because it is one of the best, one of the first, and has spawned so many copies.
        I, however, chose this one to purchase:

        A lot of folks would vote for the classic Seiko automatic diver. I have one of those also, and can understand why they are so popular. Mine is a custom jobbie from Dagaz which happens to copy some elements of a Doxa diver:

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          "Greatest" is kind of an amorphous term. The Sub and the BP Fifty Fathoms probably can be considered equally great, because they were the first really practical dive watches and because they led to two of the most popular styles. However, I don't think they can really be considered dive watches anymore, more like (very) expensive male jewelry. Only someone diving off the back of their own yacht in the Greek islands would consider using them. I only know of one professional diver that used a Sea Dweller: tkite. Older Subs have been everywhere and done everything, but that was back when you could get one for less than a grand.

          Actually, the Seiko divers have gotten wet more than any other brand of watch, with the possible exception of the G Shock. Tool watches at reasonable prices that you can knock around without any worry and they'll certainly do the job. Tough, accurate enough, utterly reliable, and legible. Those two are my candidates.

          Of course, my Pelagos rates up there with me, but I still consider it a bit too expensive for that kind of thing.

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            All the original versions of these watches.


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              Most imitated: Submariner. First: good question... how deep is a dive? Does diving mean scuba, or does free diving count? Favorite: I am certain there are more answers than respondents fickle people that we are, our tastes changing with each shiny new thing called to our attention.

              My favorites? This list has not changed much over the last couple decades, the order is as the mind wonders this Friday evening: the one I never owned: Jaeger Polaris; my oldest: BP ff... though as Brother George points out, it has become so valuable it gets next to no usage; the one I miss the most IWC Aquatimer 3536 in titanium. As serious a beater watch as I have ever know. Yeah, they appreciated a lot in value since those days. I suppose were one to find its way back onto my wrist the only concessions to care would be those I have made for my own self preservation as I age;
              A few more categories: Is there really anything cooler? Omega Ploprof;
              I love the case: Certina Ph 1000m (also Technos Sky Diver), still have the latter. They were a great fit for me;
              I love the case so much I don't want to say how many I have had: the classic Squale case with the crown at the 4. Wow, does that make sense;
              The d*mn that is cool: ZRC Grand Fonds;
              The d*mn I wish I had thought about bringing that back: Doxa, 300, 600, 750, 800, 1200, 1500, 5000...;
              The "I wear a Rolex, but I know what the hell it was designed for;" Seadweller (not the current model);
              The "wow, look at my beautiful dive watch:" Chopard Pro One; Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver and wow, too many to list;
              The we are not Rolex, but make many functional and some real pretty dive watches: Omega;
              The "I can wear it in the swimming pool and the shower" G-shock (and btw, they clean up real well in commercial dishwashers.);
              The we make better, cheaper, more expensive and more varied in movement watches than most of the rest of you combined: Seiko.


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                Good morning Mosswood, i am intrigued by some of the models you mention. Could I see some pics please.


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                  Good morning George,
                  I would beg to differ re: my Thread Title.
                  Amorphous suggests that the word 'Greatest' lacks form. I chose 'Greatest' over 'Best' intentionally.
                  One could say that "The Ledbury is the best restaurant in London". or "The best scene in Apocolypse Now is where Captain Willard flashes his watch".
                  But you cannot say "greatest restaurant" or "greatest film scene".
                  'Greatest' defines lofty things like the greatest Bands of all time, greatest Composers or ....Greatest Diver's watches, and is used in a historical sense because we have been able to look back and compare it to current bands, composers or watches.

                  Could you include a couple of photos of the watches that you mentioned please as i am learning from all the posts on here and seeing some really very attractive time pieces.


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                    There are some very nice choices presented here and some that I own now and would say are right up there. I have owned a lot of dive watches over the years and this is, and of course only my opinion, but I would say the new Rolex Seadweller 50th Anniversary model is the top for me.

                    SD50 A.jpg

                    I also have give an honorable mention to one that is a little less seen because I think it was such a high level of bang for the buck. It is the Timefactors DREADNOUGHT Voyager GMT PRS-21.

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                      Loving the watches Vince, thanks for the pics, im guessing that you wont be wearing the Rolex when you are out on the submarine!


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                        I will be doing the testing and maintenance activities while the Sub is docked at night. Battery charging, filling compressed airbanks, replacing sodasorb canisters, etc.. And no Rolex there, I have a G-Shock for that. But when I dive or snorkel around the Island I use the Rolex or other nicer watches.
                        I am living the dream in Hawaii.


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                          I think the Tudor Submariner Snowflake has to be right up there!!



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                            Very nice indeed, simple clean lines. nice


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                              Rolex Sea Dweller.

                              I need a new watch