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  • Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53

    Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Limited edition to 82 pieces, homage to a vintage design. 40mm case, 200m, screwdown, sapphire with bakelite bezel, 11mm thick, COSC certified STP 3-13 movement (apparently an ETA-2824 clone with some mods), $1500. It came with pictured 5 row that is very comfortable (I picked it up last week and I've barely taken it off since) and a branded rubber strap that I haven't tried yet. My watchmaker commented on the quality of the bracelet when adjusting it. I'm a little torn on this. I love the watch and everything about it - it's very comfortable to wear - but I did pay painfully close to retail for it, which hurts.

    Zodiac's history seems a bit interesting prima face: equal first in releasing the first dive watch with Blancpain in 53 and these are homages to those models. Zodiac lost it during the quartz crisis and have ended up a Fossil brand, but apparently Fossil have let them off the leash a little with these homage/remakes. Zodiac have been pumping these remakes out for a few years apparently, but this is the first colour scheme to get my attention. Based on what I've seen with this, I'm impressed with everything except the distribution. Apparently the US is fine but outside the US, it is simply terrible. I had to push the Australian operation around a bit to get this. I'm interested in trying the bronze Super Sea Wolf 68 but will probably have to go into battle again there to get my hands on it.

    zodiac original.jpg

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    Didn't even know they were putting them out. I'm not crazy about the color scheme. A bit too... orange... for me. On the other hand, THIS is the watch Zodiac ought to be pushing. Bigger than the original, otherwise the same. I like!

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      I like it, a lot. IF I were pondering spending $1500 on a watch this one might very well be it, but with all the great Seikos and other lower range options it just does not make any sense to me anymore. But if I were...
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        Nice! Love the bezel.
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          I love these and have been tempted a few times.

          Congratulations and a really nice watch! Wear it in good health.


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            Great looking remake, congrats on it. The Super Seawolf 68 in bronze is another remake that is an improvement on the original. Best to you in acquiring one.


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              I actually really like that very nice retro look.


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                I'm absolutely loving this. Outside my grandfather's watch, this is probably my favourite. Works everywhere, very comfortable and puts a smile on my face every time. Here it is staring down a Sydney sunset. Only downsides are the Zodiac factor: they're basically a microbrand without the responsive online customer service. They don't sell replacement bracelets and when I sent it in under warranty to have the movement recalibrated it still didn't come back chronometer-spec, but it's passable.


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                  Great looking watch. I am certain our late friend JDS would approve as well, Zodiac fan that he was... and blue too.

                  Any luck on the bronze?


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                    That is so cool! I love they re-issued the Seawolf. I want to pick the steel bezeled up in the future. The released a titanium model that I would have loved, but I didn't know it existed until it was long sold out.


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                      Beautiful watch and I have been eying up the variants of this model for quite a while. I've heard very good things about them and I have been scouring the sales forums hoping to get one some day. They've been scarce and paying close to retail is probably the only way you're going to get one of these any time soon. I, like our late friend Johnny Sears, am also a big Zodiac fan and have several old models in my collection.

                      It's a beautiful watch and just the right size in my humble opinion. Wear it in good health


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                        I dig it too.... I did not know about these either. Too bad I have not won lotto yet

                        I need a new watch


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                          A little while back Rob @ Topper Jewellers announced two special editions (20 each) along these lines. One of them (silver dial ZO9268) is already sold out, but the other one (black dial ZO9267) which is quite similar to mine has a few left apparently and is the better buy IMHO. I didn't buy this thread's watch from Rob, but I bought my bronze Zodiac (with international shipping) from him and was impressed with the service. When I enquired about these Rob did say no discounts but YMMV. No affiliation of any type whatsoever.



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