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Happy Father's Day and other things.

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  • Happy Father's Day and other things.

    To all that qualify, happy Father's Day.

    Also, in case you guys thought I'd let it go, here's my most important watch:
    I realized it wasn't in the box (see below). File shot. Not doing much camera work at the moment.

    Anyone else out there got a special one? Having a special day?

    Cardigan American Princess Celeste says, "It's too quiet. You guys get up off your butts and start doing things."

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    A special day with all three daughters and the wonderful wife who made it possible. I wear one of my Dad's for Father's Day, this year a Longines Conquest from around 50 years ago.
    Ditto the Happy Father's Day to all who qualify.


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      A follow up on the "beers on the back deck" (living room today: it rained) comment by George elsewhere: the gifts included a Chimay Trippell, Rodenbach Grand Cru and Dogfish Head 120. Only consumed the Chimay today.


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        Happy FD to you and everyone tooGMT-NASA.jpg


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          My Sons got me a Pizza Oven that sits on top of the Grill and my Wife and I made some pizzas that turned out very nicely. The Boys called me on Father's day and it was great talking to them. I miss them a lot but we had a nice day nonetheless.
          I am living the dream in Hawaii.