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    I had a couple of these old Seamasters up until a few years ago, and not having any dress watches in the collection at present, I decided to pick up another. I found this on the Bay of Evil last night, with a "BIN" price not quite three times what I got for my Seamasters when I sold them (I have since figured out that the only direction vintage watch prices are moving is up). I only had to scan through about 150 auctions before I found a watch actually worth buying.

    Seller's pics, I'm wearing the Milspec I got from George, last month. What do you have on today?

    seamaster 2.jpg

    seamaster 3.jpg

    UR4 scuba?

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    Very nice, Jeff! Congratulations!

    I'm with the Pelagos...again...


    They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.


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      love those 50's Seamasters, Jeff... used to own a few in my early collecting days...

      going with this cool and now discontinued Sinn 256Ty, one of the last to leave the factory... my poorman's Daytona

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        Beautiful old Seamaster!

        Some vintage orange...



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          Almost no diver today.

          Good choice of watches, Jeff.

          Been wandering through the box for the last few days, swapping out as the mood takes me. Back to the 200 tomorrow. This 1675/3 could, I suppose, be used in the water if it was pressure tested, but it's 40+ years old. No way would I try. Besides, it's beautiful enough on its own.

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            Nice one Jeff. I'm starting to really like those old Seamasters (even though I'm not a vintage guy) and might consider getting one too...but I don't like what you said about prices going up for those actually worth buying.

            Wearing the Sub today.

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              I kick myself when I think about what I sold mine for, Dan - a steel bumper for $150, a gold hand wind for $275. Dumb, dumb, dumb.
              UR4 scuba?


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                Thats a beauty Jeff, congrats

                I was kicking around the idea of picking up an Omega SMP but when I started looking around I was really surprised by the current prices, they certainly have gone way up!

                I'm wearing this one again

                <img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"/>


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                  Same two days in a row. Can't shake this lousy cold. sitting on the couch watching TV

                  <a href=";current=71818739.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App"></a>

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                    Beautiful piece, Jeff. Should fit in perfectly into your collection.

                    I dusted off the B & R today.....


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                      We had a funeral yesterday for a friend's dad. He was one of those special guys - kind, family-oriented, reliable, etc. So... for a special occasion, took out the PO. A college buddy showed up with a Rolex GMT, so we talked watches for a while!

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                        Hard to beat the old Seamasters. Wearing this today.

                        <img src="">


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                          Superb pic. Where was it taken?

                          Originally posted by Chris View Post
                          <img src="">
                          Never step down into a lifeboat.


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                            [QUOTE=TakesALickin;285417]I had a couple of these old Seamasters up until a few years ago, and not having any dress watches in the collection at present, I decided to pick up another.

                            Very Cool Jeff! It reminds me a bit of my Dad's 1940's Movado.

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                              Jeff, did you buy that one from Mark aka "drster"? Good looking Seamaster indeed.

                              Sinn U1 again today..........

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