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  • Japan appreciates craftsman...

    I find this very cool...a country recognize the craft, his contribution, and a man who is passing along his knowledge.

    Seiko Watchmaker Receives Award From the Government of Japan

    Kazushi Kannondo has been awarded the "Medal with Yellow Ribbon" in recognition of his distinguished services to watchmaking.

    The award is given to individuals who, through their diligence and perseverance in their professional activities, become public role models.

    Since joining Seiko Instruments Inc in its Morioka facility in 1971, Mr. Kannondo has been a watchmaker and has won recognition on several occasions as one of the most skilled watchmaking specialists including the “Award for Outstanding Skilled Workers” in 2009. Today, he teaches Seiko’s younger watchmakers, handing down his skills and expertise to the next generation of master craftsmen.

    Mr. Kannondo at work in the Shizuku-ishi Watch Studio in Morioka.

    Kazushi Kannondo is the fifth Seiko craftsman to receive the “Medal with Yellow Ribbon”. He joins an exclusive group along with Mamoru Sakurada (2005), Kenji Shiohara (2006), Kiyoshi Terui (2007), and Kazuo Takeoka (2010).

    An example of Mr. Kannondo’s work, Credor caliber 6S99, a chronograph with hand-engraving.


    They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.

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    (maybe I should'a sent him the failed solar Seiko...?)

    just saying'...

    No disrespect to his abilities...

    (And, yes, I don't get over let-downs easily...)


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      That must be a great honor

      and this guy seems to be great. I wish I had 1/100 of his skills...


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        How did I know that was coming??!!


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          Fantastic.... If only the Swiss and Japanese watchmakers could come together to discuss watchmaking and share ideas.

          I need a new watch


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            dude you're still angry?

            just take a few hits, and relax
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              Interesting marketing strategy....

              The Japanese don't intend to be left behind in the "celebration" of watchmakers, I guess. They're clearly seeing collectors snapping up pieces by famous Swiss "celebrity" watchmakers, and decided to "celebrate" a few of their own.


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                Originally posted by sealevel6 View Post
                just take a few hits, and relax

                Congrats to this gentleman for kicking ass and taking names. I find Seiko to be a fantastic brand. If you've ever had a 30+ year old 6309 that just keeps on kicking ass you will know why.
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                  Yup--I enjoyed most of the one afternoon mine worked...