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  • OK, Seiko question

    Went to a watch event today at a local dealer. Decided I like the Breitling Transocean and I really fell in love with a Superocean Heritage with a white face. Looks a lot like the IWC Aquatimer.

    After reality sunk in, I started looking at the estate watches. Spotted a Sumo and a Tuna in the corner of the case. I asked the salesperson what they were asking. $550.00 for the Sumo. New with box and all papers. The Tuna was 300m rated and quartz. They were asking $450.00 for it.

    My question for the experts and yes, I ran this past Jeff (Takes a Lickin) on the way home. How many models of the tuna are there. I looked at Seyja's site and they are listed at over $1000.00. Both watches are new with boxes. I may have to return Monday and pick them up. Help please!

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    The tuna could be a good deal. The Sumo, not so much unless it's new in box. Check the Seiko Citizen Watch Forum for an overview of all the tuna models.


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      Salesman said it was a 2012. Don't know any more about the Tuna. Didn't want to seem to excited to the salesman. Depending on what I learn this weekend I may pick them both up and flip one. I looked at the Sumo closely. It is clean; not a mark on it.


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        Originally posted by eduardo View Post
        I looked at Seyja's site and they are listed at over $1000.00.
        I thought I was pretty close on that Tuna. That'd be your deal right there. The Sumo I'd buy only if you wanted it badly. I think they're pretty easy to get for close to that price most of the time.
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          If it is a a 2012 model Tuna than it is probably a sbbn017 which sales for around 1k new. And it is a great watch without any flaws imo.

          I would pimp the Tuna before the other two, but I am biased.
          Bringing down the tone of the forum.


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            Thanks Jeff and good luck on your vacation. I will look at it closer on Monday.


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              Go for the Tuna

              That is the best price I have seen in a long time. Sumo is great too but price is not really that great.


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                The quartz Tuna I have is SBBN007. It is a Prospex style Seiko in the Marine Master class.

                They regularly sell for $650 - $700 used on rubber.

                I will add.... very cool diver to have in your group, especially if you can bag one for $450.

                Offer him 3 one hundred dollar bills plus 3 twenties, a couple of tens, three fives and a few ones and tell him that's every penny you have. I bet you bag it for $400. STEAL!
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                  Ok, I returned to the dealer tonight after work and looked a lot closer. The Tuna is new in box, unworn, 2012 model. The salesperson said it was sold to them as part of an estate sale along with the Sumo and other jewelry.

                  It is now in my custody. Pictures to follow.