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The disappearing act; or, How I saved $25,000 dollars...

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    I'm not messin' wit cha, Sam, promise...

    Originally posted by SG View Post
    You didn't make that in PShop did'ja?
    It's the real deal. I got to handle one at Watchtime's Inside Basel event last year, and while I'm not a huge fan of the "rallye" strap, over all the "Tribute to Fifty Fathoms Aqua Lung" does address a lot of the issues I have with the basic FF Sport. I still wouldn't drop the bills for one, but if the polished case and hands are the only thing holding you back from getting a Fifty-Fathoms, then here's your watch.


    PS - The rotor is the same as the one on the Dark Knight, though with blue enameling:

    In a word, beautiful.


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      I'll certainly have to at least look for one--see how I feel then. I

      really do like the watch.

      The only real issue over the long haul is I seem to be wearing watches less and less each day as I get older.

      The other day I went in to the office & halfway there realized I actually forgot to even put one on. (I immediately checked, but I HAD remembered my pants, so it might not be Alzheimers...)