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  • OT.... touched.... the finger of God...


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    yeah--remarkable--network news showed several snaps of lightning

    striking all over the SF bay region.

    I think they said there was one where ALL 4 towers were hit at the same time!!!

    Man, I wouldn't want to be paying YOUR home insurance if this is the lead-in to Dec 2012...

    (apparently the last line sez: Not to be continued...)


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      Unusual event for us in the Bay Area

      Woke up a couple of times during the night with the thunder. Got a commute buddy who paints the bridge. Going to ask him if they had to repair any damage.


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        Originally posted by SG View Post
        Isn't that an Aztec sun stone, nothing really to do with the Mayans? Everyone uses it as a symbol for the Mayan long count ending (supposedly) in 2012, but my understanding is that the 2012 doomsday folks just coopted it as it looks cool, and the real stuff doesn't lend itself to web images. I think it's not even an Aztec calendar, for that matter.


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          (way to kill a joke, pal...)


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            So the one thing about all this is that the Mayan calendar date has already passed due to the leap year I think as that was not in place when they did it.


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              theoretically that was taken into account with a conversion

              factor, which is what gives us the Dec, 2012 date.

              Personally I find it much more probable that the guy making the calendar simply ran out of carve-able area, said to himself,

              "screw it--it's hundreds of years into the future anyway..., let THEM finish it...",

              went home, and had dinner...


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                The joke may be that people are still buying figures and pictures of those, in the belief that it has something to do with 2012.

                If course if the sun goes supernova this December, and turns us the earth into a cinder, or some other disaster of beyond biblical proportions, the joke will be on all us naysayers. Of course there will be no one around to say, "I told you so!"

                One silver lining: you could buy whatever high end diver your credit limit will support, just before the predicted end, wear it for a couple of days, and never actually have to make a payment. Just make sure that you get it from an AD who will let you bring it back, if the worst doesn't happen.