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This is a pretty cool Seiko

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  • This is a pretty cool Seiko

    Not a diver, but some pretty neat technology. Way too big in size (and probably $$) for this guy.

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    Looks cool. 47.0 mm and thickness: 16.5 mm will make for a large watch but the TI will make it wearable.


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      nice find - those accuracy claims

      i can believe them - it's now been 2 months + since i got the seiko GS quartz. Just checked US TIme clock - it's spot on the second. Sometime back when i was checking it regularly, when i quit i quit cause i felt like i was checking the time clock against the seiko.

      and the GS has zero radio synching


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        Looks good!

        I'd like to have GPS watch, but like most of the ABC watches before them, most of the ones I've seen (and the couple of ABCs I've owned) suffer from a serious case of the fuglies. This one looks nice, but 47mm is too big for comfort. Maybe they (or Citizen or Casio) will come out with one under 45....


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          So, will it also tell me where I am? Or can Big Brother track my movements through it?

          In all seriousness, it might be handy for someone traveling a lot, but I don't see a practical advantage over the radio controlled watches.


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